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Event 5 = Favorite event at #thebaconbeatdown!! "Here comes Boom!" We went back and forth with one of the teams for the lead, but with a last second change in our last round and a screw up on their part, ...
Look what's in🎉 .... perfect timing for today's workout !!! #rxsmartgear #bestgymindayton #centervillecrossfit #centerville #befit #doubleunders 🙏🏼
Coming soon to CFCS kids & teens, a TBXM Training Center---weightlifting prep group
#repost @thebrandxmethod (@get_repost)
Coach Mikki teaching the hang power clean to the Weightlifting Prep Group (ages 8-10). Whoa...WAIT!!!! You mean it IS possible to teach the ...
Double under? Why not!! My favorite
50 du
40 lunges with plates
30 butterfly
20 pistols
10 hnad stand push up
#cfdistrict11010 #crossfit #doubleunders #butterfly #pistolsquat #friend#competition #senta2017
So this slice of awesome came today. Now, time to officially master double unders. Thorn in my side, no longer! @roguefitness @richfroning #doubleunders #crossfitmom #crossfit #crossfitfromhome #doubleunder
Had Heather in today from @burnbootcampnaples , and she nailed her first double unders today! Way to kill it Heather, and congrats on the huge achievement! #progress #doubleunders
🤸🏿‍♀️Rogue e Buffalo Wax
📝Natural Grip
📐do P ao GG
💰R$ 165,00
📝Corda E-Grip rotação 360o
💰R$ 220,00 —————————————————— 📝Buffalo Wax - pomada cicatrizante 💰R$ 25,00
❌Pagamento em Dinheiro ganha 5% de desconto❌
06.26.2017. Going big and heavy today for the oly work. Make sure to take your time warming up before you start the clock. Good luck Sharks, Happy Monday! #sharkstrength #beashark🦈
Obstacles or opportunities? Choose your perspective wisely.

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Get ready to blast fat, get fit and nail your double unders with the Beast Rope 👊 💪

This is the fastest, smoothest speed skipping rope in town...get ready to smash it!

Want to skip like a pro boxer? Or ...
Two-Minute Challenges: Max Double-Unders, Rope Climbs In the second round of Two-Minute Challenges, Emily Abbott, Jacob Heppner and Alison Scudds battle CrossFit HQ staff members Tommy Marquez and Rory ...
Tabata Double-Unders AMRAP- Dave Hunt Get this jump rope: Music: "Dr. Dre (Tabata Mix)" by TABATA SONGS- How many ...
Your Guide to Double Unders | Dr. Sara Solomon Fitness personality Sara Solomon's favorite exercise is the double-under. Learn how to perform this fast anaerobic move safely and effectively! Supplements for ...
Cómo hacer double unders Cómo hacer saltos dobles || DESPLIEGA PARA LEER MÁS || En este vídeo os traigo un tutorial para conseguir hacer los double unders que es como se les ...
How to Improve Your Double Unders Proper form is critical to double under success with a jump rope (for CrossFit or otherwise). You can get by with bad form for a few jumps, but you'll never get to a ...
Double Unders Technique from WODprep (How To Stop Tripping) Double Under Tips from WODprep: How to stop tripping on the rope! I hope this short, quick video really helps you out. Remember if you'd like some more free ...
How To Do Double Unders (STOP DOING SINGLE UNDERS!) How To Do Double Unders For CrossFit! I know it might sound too "easy", but simply forcing yourself to STOP DOING SINGLE UNDERS is a great way to ...
Choosing The Best Jump Rope for Double Unders Hey Guys, I often get asked, what it the best type of jump rope to get for double unders. There are several different types of jump ropes available, and in this ...

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