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@petervannan just remember, Winners Win! 6am Battle of the Double Unders.
#shirefit #crossfit #doubleunders #rogue #roguefitness
Last component of today's wod is sure to get a few hearts pumping! 12 min AMRAP: 10 x burpee pull ups, 15 x Squats, 20 x sit ups, 25 x double unders
#wodlife #gym #crossfit #gymlife #pullups #burpees #legs #training ...
Hit the @cf4740 wod today out at work...defs wasnt my wheel house (a house i am yet to discover haha)
4 x 3min rounds, 1 min rest between of AMRAPs
30 DU
10 burpee
Total: 8 + 10.

It sucked.... ...
Died a little bit after half of #heavy #17.5 of the @crossfitgames. And to no surprise still got beat by games athletes 😂💩 #thrusters #doubleunders #dwb #ccrossfit #yannitawersprogrameichon
Sr. Coach​ @albertolachis y ahora a por los triples y perfeccionando 😎 #yosoybetuliano #crossfitbetulo #doubleunders
Wod.. Corto pero intenso
EMOM 10'
Odd: 20 Burpees
Even: 35 Double Under.
Aunque creo eran 30 jajaja y era primero los Dobles jajaj pero ahi fue 😂.. cortesia de @isaac.dillon par años atras Jaja pero ahora ya con Dobles ...
Picture from wednesdays 7pm metcon class / Foto von der 19:00 metcon class vom Mittwoch 23/08/17! 🏋🏼
"metcon class"
perform every 4min for 40min:
- 5 burpee pull ups
- 10 wall balls 9/6KG
- 15 russian KB swings ...
Today was trying to get doubles without singles in between...or whipping myself with a skipping rope for 4 rounds. Trousers for work today then. #crossfit #doubleunders #ouch
50 Wallball Shot (18)
50 Double Under (each)
40 Box Jumps (20")
40 Toes up
30 Pull ups
30 Burpees
20 Cleans (65)
20 Jerks (65)
10 Snatches (65)
10 C2B Pull ups (red)

Record - 1R+240

@hersmile86 언니와 팀와드!! ...
#tbt #throwbackthursday to when I hit my first decent amount of DU's. Felt amazing at the time and the reaction from my #pt @adamcollard and @auroraathletic pt @laurennicolegil summed up why I love training at Aurora. Great people! 🙌🏻 Unfortunately ...
Only had 35min to workout so I did a quick warm up of lunges and air squats and stretched before:

Squats: 5x3 185lbs (15lbs more than the other day)
Then: 8min AMRAP of 50 DU and 10 burpee box jumps

Training for @liftupautism has begun! I did 135# scaled last year and now I've graduated to RX this year. I got 3+4 and was expecting 4 and some. My goal is to get 5 rounds. Come join by WOD'g or ...
Тренировка #24817 Voykovteam

Сила:отжимания на кольцах с весом 5*max

42 маха с гирей
21 берпи
42 ДП
21 подтягиваний
30 махов гирей
15 берпи
30 ДП
15 подтягиваний
18 махов
9 берпи гирей
18 ДП
9 подтягиваний


#voykovteam ...
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