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I have this thing with doors 🇳🇴
When you are lost, and finally stumble upon a sign with some directions... 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣👈🏼👉🏼 #thisway #thatway #eitherway #bergen #norway #visitbergen #visitnorway #norge #fjordnorway #mittnorge
Idyllisk naturlig båthavn i Lofoten 🙌🏻🇳🇴 #norgesbeste Fotograf: @dorisjanetd
Moments worth waiting for, thinking of. It's really inspiring, and feed me with such a motivation boost. Now that winter in coming (no reference intended) the landscape shift dramatically! Can't wait!
Utsyn frå Terdalskeipen (744 m.o.h.) mot Florø og øyane i vest og sør.💙💙💙 .
Location: Flora, Norway, September - 2017.
-Sunset with a mist-
Ja,Jonadalsnåsi er rørsleg å sjå,
helst når ho om vinteren har snøkåpa på.
Då stend ho så høgreist og mektig
i dalen,som dronning ho tronar, den fremste i salen!✨❤️✨
••••••••••••••#undredal #aurland
Ski & Sail // Western Norway Ski, sail, climb and speed flying in the majestic fjords of Western Norway with sailing vessel S/Y Sofie. Prosjekt Ægir: https://www.facebook.com/prosjektaegir/
LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 3 OFFROADING, MUD, ROCKS, SNOW AND ICE Land Rover Discovery 3 driving in snow, ice, mud, rocks and water at GMS. Grenland Motorsport Senter. Make sure to subscribe to my channel and follow my ...
SEASONS of NORWAY - A Time-Lapse Adventure in 8K With its imposing mountains, endless plateaus and echoing valleys, Norway is a country where nature takes the lead. Using time-lapse, this film attempts to ...
I Found - Mighty Drops Production The first of several videos made by us, showing you some interesting Norwegian photographic spots. This footage is taken at some cool, but not so known ...
TIME-LAPSE TALK: Q&A, My Setup, New Gear and My New Project! General time-lapse talk about time-lapse photography for those of you interested in that. Includes a Q&A section announced in the last video, my computer setup, ...
Socialize and cuddle time with the dogs www.polardogssvalbard.com Love to spend some one on one time with the boys ...
Evening Endalen Hike with Pack Dog Join us for a day hike around Longyearbyen's mountain, glacier and tundra areas. We are joined by a big, happy/loveable sleddog who carries our supplies and ...
Tentipi life - feeding the Polardogs Polardogs Svalbard www.polardogssvalbard.com ...
Polardog Summer Sleddog ATV Training Going out on a training run with the boys www.polardogssvalbard.com ...

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