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Algunas fotos de la fiesta de inauguración // opening party pictures! #ntqenglish #donostia #sansebastian #paisvasco #englishinspain #englishacademy #🗽#english
liscademy Murcia is a quality language academy offering Spanish, English and Chinese courses. #murcia #spanish #englishinspain #language #studyabroad
Hello everyone! It's Phrasal Verb Friday!
This week's phrasal verb is "keep out” meaning “not allow to enter.” If you have doubts about the meaning, ask us:
- There’s a fence around the private premises to keep out trespassers.
- ...
#phrasalverbfriday #phrasalverbs

This week's phrasal verb is "walk out” meaning “leave as a sign of protest or dissatisfaction.” If you have doubts about the meaning, ask us:
- The film was so bad that at least half the audience walked ...
Avid readers in Donostia-San Sebastián?
¿Ávidos lectores en Donostia-San Sebastián? ¡Apuntados a uno de nuestros Book Clubs! Leemos y discutimos textos de varios géneros literarios en inglés.
Sign up today! 🗽[email protected]
943 170 805, 646 229 512, 633 769 ...
Una semana después de la inauguración oficial queremos decir muchas gracias a todos por venir a la fiesta. Todavía no tenemos fotos oficiales pero las publicamos pronto! Thanks again for all the support! Stop by and say hello. #ntqenglish #donostia ...
Hey everybody! Are you looking for a fun way to practice and learn English? If so, be sure to like the Facebook page "Universally Speaking" and get yourself some English lessons started online today!! :) #learnenglish #englishexamprep #english #american #clasesparticulares ...
¡Fiesta de inauguración!
Estáis [email protected] a pasar por Not the Queen’s English Academy el lunes 18 de septiembre, entre las 19:30 y 22:30h para celebrar la inauguración de nuestra academia. Habrá bebidas y picoteo. ¡Vente y lleva a un [email protected]! ...
¡El primer día oficial! ¡Qué a gusto se vuelve a clase en NTQ English! Looking forward to a great year! 🗽#ntqenglish #donostia #firstdayofschool #englishinspain #sansebastian #inglés #🗽
En nuestra nueva página web ofrecemos cursos nuevos e información sobre los exámenes de Cambridge que te pueden interesar. Echa un vistazo! Take a look! #englishinspain #clasesdeingles #whynotacademy #nativeteachers
¿Eres ciné[email protected]? ¿[email protected] a las series? Apúntate a uno de nuestros grupos llamados "Screen Time." Vemos cine clásico y actual y/o series y posteriormente hacemos charlas sobre ellos en grupos pequeños.
Contacta con nosotros hoy para más información o para ...
Where or were? ¿Sabes cómo usarlos? Te explicamos!
#whynotacademy #englishinmadrid #englishinspain #clasesdeingles #nativeteachers
¡Ya estamos listos! We're ready!
Matricúlate hoy: [email protected]
646 229 512, 633 769 819

#ntqenglish #englishacademy #englishinspain #sansebastián #paísvasco #euskadi #donostia #donosti #🗽#inglés
¿Quieres que tus hijos aprendan inglés de manera lúdica y natural con profesores nativos? Apúntales a nuestra clase 'Kids' Corner' para hacer talleres interactivos y comunicativos. Jugamos, cantamos, hacemos teatro, hacemos plástica y, sobre todo, ¡disfrutamos!
Contacta con nosotros:
CAN I MOVE TO SPAIN AND FIND A JOB WITHOUT A VISA? And other FAQ's... In this video I answer some questions about how necessary it is to have a visa or job lined up before you move to Spain (especially if you're from North America) ...
A Language Assistant in Málaga: Teach English in Spain Apply now through: http://www.meddeas.com/teaching-english-abroad/ My name is Annie, and I graduated in 2012 with majors in Spanish and English and a ...
British 'expats' in Spain count the Costa Brexit How do the largest community of British migrants living in Spain feel about Brexit? Subscribe to The Guardian ▻ http://is.gd/subscribeguardian When article 50 ...
Teaching English in Spain: Private Classes Living/working in Spain and want to make some extra cash? Private classes are the way to go. In this video I talk about: - How much you can make from private ...
COST OF LIVING IN SPAIN | Can you live off of 1000 Euros or less... This video explains how much money you need to live in Spain, specifically in Madrid and in other regions. **Moving to Spain Guide: http://amzn.to/2nraUCs ...
Teaching English in Spain: Monthly Expenses As a North American Language and Culture Assistant (Auxiliar de conversación), I make 700 euros per month. Here's a breakdown of my monthly expenses to ...
The Ups & Downs of Teaching English in Spain Find out more about my adventures teaching and traveling: Wordpress: https://anappetiteforbeauty.wordpress... Instagram: ...
Finding work in Spain (and the process) After many comments regarding difficulty finding jobs in Spain (or those who WANTED to work in Spain) I thought that I would group all of the relevant ...
Moving from UK to Spain (or other English Speaking Countries USA, America or Canada) So, I decided that it was time to start documenting my move from the UK to Spain (Madrid specifically). I moved here on a whim in February and now want to start ...

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