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Basking in the sunshine after all that cold from Mount Bromo 🌞 | 📸: @dan.ng_ #amegoesroundtheworld
Amsterdam is by far one of the most beautiful cities I've been to. ❤️
I didn't know swimming holes could look so beautiful! I popped my cenote cherry over at Ik Kil. There were so many tour groups there, but once they left, it was nice and empty. Glad I decided to hop on ...
A testament of eternal love 💕🕌✨
Photograph courtesy :@thirdeyetraveller
Another great option for a Friday in Agra is a boat ride on the Yamuna river. People will tell you it's closed, but it definitely running! Turn right from ...
If I'm not uploading anything @irwinsychan will literally kill me~ troll me to death 🤷🏻‍♀️... so here you go! It's Sahara! The dessert that's cooler than Hong Kong👐🏼..
A testament of eternal love 💕🕌✨
Picture Credit :@thirdeyetraveller
Another great option for a Friday in Agra is a boat ride on the Yamuna river. People will tell you it's closed, but it definitely running! Turn right ...
Terkadang kita terlalu sibuk memikirkan kesulitan-kesulitan sehingga tidak punya waktu untuk mensyukuri rahmat dari Tuhan - Jendral Soedirman
#vredeburg #jogja
Maybe if the U of C library looked like this, I'd be more inclined to go there to work instead of sitting at home procrastinating my developing my social work identity paper (lol jk)
Kairi, Australia 📍
Some say it's the centre of the earth because things move slowly here, some say it's the skid mark of Australia and some say it's nothing but a pit stop to put your head down and get ...
Brisbane is fast becoming one of my fave cities in Australia. An amazing waterfront, a growing arts scene and glorious warm weather! What more could you ask for? ☀️✈️
Life is great, and travel makes it better 🐣
In memory of the students of the school "Enrique Rébsamen"
My heart is broken for these children who have died.
Please, pray for my beautiful country. #fuerzamexico #prayformexico #forcemexico #travelling #trip #viajes #viajeros #tripstagram #journey #tourism #tourism #turismo #turista #womantraveler ...
распаковка посылок с сайта AliExpress// С Китая// привет! Я сегодня распакую посылки с сайта алиэкспресс воть ссылки на товарчики кавайная замазка - https://ru.ali...
Chattanooga, TN - Travel Vlog - GoPro 5 I'm officially in my late twenties… ahh it hurts to even say out loud. You don't have to tell me that I'm being dramatic, I already know. To celebrate the beginning ...
Nina Dumoulin | Showreel 2017 Dance Showreel 2017 [email protected] instragram.com/ninadumoulin facebook.com/ninadumoulin.5 ----------------------------------------------- I DO NOT OWN ...
GOA 2017 Here's my very first video of my trip to Goa this summer. It's India's most fabulous place to go for on your holidays. Goa is a perfect destination for party people ...
Best friend Road Trip to Islamorada, Florida! Anytime me and Jamie can get away and go on a girls trip we take the opportunity. I love our time together we have so much fun! Let me know if you would like ...
My first Vlog , fashion video. Bikini beach and more travel advice in a Paradis... Exploring the south of turkey . We had the amazing opportunity to stay in hotel D- Maris Bay. http://www.dhotel.com.tr/en/home.aspx . A mind blowing luxury hotel ...
Quiet Sunday Morning in Paris: Arc de Triomphe and Monet | Paris Vlog 3/3 (10.2.16) Long overdue vlog from my weekend in Paris! I traverse the Champs-Élysées looking for breakfast and I also look at Monet's Water Lilies. Day one in Paris vlog: ...
A Cauldron of Chocolate and the Eiffel Tower | Paris Vlog 2/3 (10.1.16) Long overdue vlog from my weekend in Paris! My sister and I hit up lots of major tourist destinations. We also stuff our faces with mussels, ratatouille, and a vat of ...

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