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Jornada Acadêmica: Análise do Comportamento, 25/04/17 Vídeo do primeiro dia da nossa Jornada Acadêmica: Análise do Comportamento. Se divirta com as fotos e vídeos dos melhores momentos do turno matutino e ...
First Love - Poem Reading Poem written by me (not a true story by the way) about a friendship, turned into love, turned into heartbreak.
My Lover Who Lives Far Away (Poem Reading) Original poem by Camille T. Dungy Read by Leticia Carvalho Collection of images and videos found on the internet and The following videos are ...
Breaking a Social Norm Social Psychology project of breaking a social norm. We were sitting in an elevator playing Monopoly Empire with monkey masks on. I have no rights for the ...
Say Something performed at Lynn University's Cabaret Leticia Carvalho and Gabriele Regazzi perform Say Something by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera at Lynn University's Cabaret performance.
See Aggression, Do Aggression! Orientation to Psychology project on the study See Aggression, Do Aggression!
Olhar Sobre Nosso Brasil Projeto sobre Independência do Brasil Português 12 - EAB I own nothing. Whatever content is owned or licensed by UMPG Publishing.
Dancing to The Time My little cousins dancing to the song The Time by the Black Eyed Peas THE cutest things huh? --- I own nothing to this song.
BumAroundUrCorner take two Just... Random shit. Hahaha He's kidding about.. Everything.
BumAroundUrCorner Preview of his stupid monologues.
Fernando Antonio Ost and his SKILLS! Fernie dancing. that's the only description it needs.
IB Spoken Word Poem Writing 9-11 IB English HL to write a spoken word poem and present. PRESENTERS: Visha Thamboo Maria Antonieta Bugané.
IB Spoken Word Poem Writing 1-3 IB English HL to write a spoken word poem and present. PRESENTERS: Fernanda Gonzaga Maria Clara Perez Astrid Defourny.
Waiting While she checked-in, we had nothing better to do =)
Haley's Goodbyes the airport saying goodbye to Haley... ='( Call on Me - Eric Prydz I OWN NOTHING promotional purposes only owned or licensed by Muyap.

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