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All in a days work...Some cuts from Saturday..One day I'm going to post every cut I do on a Saturday..Consistency is a major Key to Life...I love what I do..#only1dkutz #thigsdiamondkutz #barber #barberlife #ilovemyclients #ceo #life #artist #gifted #thankful #blessed ...
My exceptionally talented child went to the Varley Art gallery and made a plasticine turd 💩. #gifted
We’re so close to Xmas 😱😱 how’s everyone’s Xmas shopping going? Makeup is always a welcoming gift for this girl 😬 I love it as much as I love candy! I mean especially when it looks like candy 🍭🍭 @lancomeofficial‘s ...
There’s no time like the present!
Get your asana to yoga!
Motivated Monday Magic
9:30 am gentle yoga w/ Rachel
5:15 pm power yoga w/ Anne
Plaid, pockets and packable. This plaid dress is the perfect green and red color scheme for the holiday season. I packed It for our Florida trip and I love how this @shoppinkblush is ready to wear right out of my ...
Quem viu no stories viu.... esse batom maraaa chegou hoje... pleno domingo e ainda bem!!!
Ja to apaixonada!!!
@jaquelinevandoski uma mulher inspiradora!!! Seu batom é lindo!
Quem quer fotos desse pink do poder?
#batom #batons #batomliquidomatte #liquidlipstick ...
Ladies go and follow the homie @dyonmusiq the boy on his way 🎥 don't say I didn't tell you, nothing but hits. hit his bio for more music @dyonmusiq let's go 💪💪💪💪💪#hot97 #105.1 #shade45 #postiveenergy #wealthy #platinum #talent #gifted #team100 ...
Ohhh 🐼🐼🐼🐼 Where do I begin my Beautiful Little Sister? Well way back in the Day you were a little Embryo 🐡 Floating Around and Then My Mama Had You After Me 💁🏽‍♀️ So You Had to Be Great lol ...
Stocking stuffers 🎅 always love a good face mask and @freemanbeauty never disappoints! (They can be found at @ultabeauty and @sallybeauty!) #freemanbeauties #freemanmask #gifted #joinstatus
Shimmer and shining this holiday with my new watch from @zuldara Get your own and use code FREEGIFT at to save 25% off your watch purchase and a free piece of jewelry on your order thru December 23.

#zuldara ...
Thanks to @yaupontea for sending over this amazing herbal tea with lavender and coconut. It absolutely soothes and calms my mind and relaxes my body. Just what I need after a tiring day. #joinstatus #gifted #yaupontea.
Looking for awesome stocking stuffers? @LancomeOfficial and @kokiecosmetics have the most perfect gift to give any special lady in your life this year! Lancôme come in a variety of chic spectacular shades which include shimmer, sheen, metallic and matte → ...
December favorites:
Primer: @beccacosmetics
Foundation: @beccacosmetics #beccabeauty
Lipstick: @urbandecaycosmetics #lipstickismyvice
Eyeliner: @kikomilanousa #kikousa #kikotrendsetters
Concealer: @urbandecaycosmetics #urbandecay #udnaked
Eyebrows: @lancomeofficial #lancomeoctoly #sourcilsstyler
@Octoly #octoly #octolyfamily #honestreview #gifted
Happy Birthday Little Brother!! I am so proud of everything you have done and accomplished!! Ya boy teaching classes now!! Keep at it little brother I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!!! I love you so much!! @wally_darkfader5

#winner #littlebrother ...
Our selection of clutches, wallets, wristlets, crossbody purses make perfect gifts for yourself or a loved one!
#giftedboston #gift #gifts #gifted #purse #wristlet #crossbody #wallet #veganleather #fauxleather #sparkles #velvet #gems #clutch #holidayseason #holidays #holidayoutfit #accessories #boston ...
Winter walky 🚶 good for the mind. 🌲💫🦋🌌✨🙏
// Other people see idols on their toast, but I'd rather find Mr.Burns as an Alien on my cappuccino
#gifted #coffee #latteart #toomuchcaffeine #burns #mrburns
For all of those who have asked how I get my hair to be so big and fluffy, I’m sharing with you the tool I use! Rootie the rootlifter by @voloom is a volumizing iron that lifts your hair from ...
What You Need To Know: Part 2 | Season 1 | THE GIFTED Matt Nix recaps episodes 6-10 of THE GIFTED. Subscribe now for more The Gifted clips: Catch full episodes now: Like The Gifted...
The Gifted Episode 10 "eXploited" REVIEW When Trask Industries gets their hands on the captured underground members, it up to Reed and Caitlin Strucker to confront Jace Turner. ☆Subscribe Here: Help us make...
The Gifted 1x11 Promo "3 X 1" (HD) Season 1 Episode 11 Promo The Gifted 1x11 "3 X 1" Season 1 Episode 11 Promo - As tensions heat up among the team at Mutant HQ, no one knows who they can trust. Fearing for his family's safety, Reed rethinks their future...
Preview: The Time For Mercy Is Over | Season 1 Ep. 11 | THE GIFTED Catch an all-new episode of THE GIFTED when it returns JAN 1st only on FOX. Subscribe now for more The Gifted clips: Catch full episodes now:
The Gifted 1x10 Promo "eXploited" (HD) Season 1 Episode 10 Promo Fall Finale The Gifted 1x10 "eXploited" Season 1 Episode 10 Promo (Fall Finale) - At a moral crossroads, Jace is forced to hand over something valuable to Dr. Campbell. The team at Mutant HQ is divided...
The Gifted 1x09 Promo "outfoX" (HD) Season 1 Episode 9 Promo The Gifted 1x09 "outfoX" Season 1 Episode 9 Promo - The team develops a risky plan to help mutants who are in Sentinel Services' custody. Reed reveals details to Andy and Lauren about the Struckers...
The Gifted 1x07 Promo "eXtreme measures" (HD) Season 1 Episode 7 Promo The Gifted 1x07 "eXtreme measures" Season 1 Episode 7 Promo - Eclipse receives a call from his ex-lover, Carmen (guest star Michelle Veintimilla), and must revisit his dark past in order to...
Lorna Refuses To Stand Down | Season 1 Ep. 5 | THE GIFTED Eclipse & Lorna run into a roadblock and Lorna refuses to stand down. Subscribe now for more The Gifted clips: Catch full episodes now:
The Gifted 1x04 Promo "eXit Strategy" (HD) Season 1 Episode 4 Promo The Gifted 1x04 "eXit Strategy" Season 1 Episode 4 Promo - When the mutants devise a plan to take down Sentinel Services, Eclipse seeks out an old friend from his dark past in order to obtain...

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