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You belong to the city
>>V i S i O n 🔮G O D s
// 21:35; forget yesterday,
it has already forgotten you
don't worry about tomorrow,
you have even met.
instead, open your eyes,
to angrily precious girly :
today. // something I couldn't have said better myself: live in the now ✨//
I randomly met 3 strangers doing basic stuff at schottenring.
1 of them is @caroklaroo just chilling.
have a look at my stories to see how I did it!
Touching the sky with that insane beauty 😍🏙☁️
Who you are in unfavourable will build a fearlessness to take on the challenges forged towards your calling.
(Yes, I may have recycled the post I made for #ecowarrior)
The orange hues , the shadow burst . Oh , God ! It's so good to be wanderlust . . . . . . . . . . . . .
#phoneonly #vscocam #vsco #portraits #agameoftones #portraiture #silhouette #duskmac #beach ...
Don't tell me that it's doing me wrong
You're the one who's really a loser
This is where I feel I belong
Crystal world…
#ig_nycity #nycprimeshot #loves_nyc #nyc_explorers #nycdotgram #what_i_saw_in_nyc #newyork_instagram #loves_united_newyork #picturesofnewyork ...
Loving my time here in Riga, but #scotland, you just cant be beat on beauty. So lucky to have such great locations on my door step. This is the exceptionally photogenic 'Bo Fiddle' Rock. Always a joy to shoot some ...
Captured by 📷 @831gaberodriguez
. 🌟Thanks for sharing your amazing photo with us🌟 .
Chosen by @durty_jerzey ¦¦ #amazing_longexpo
Love and compassion to all. Happy pride weekend NYC. 🌈💜
A leap of faith, if you believe it will take you where you want to go.
People stop looking for monsters under there beds when they realise the monsters are inside. ..
❤️ to all. ..
#leagueoflenses ...
SANDAKPHU TREK Sandakphu one of the renowned trek route of India. It is short Montage shoot during the trek to sandakphu. Music - Jai Wolf - Indian Summer.
Прогулка с камерой #1 Гуляем по городу с лучшим фотографом Владимира, Максимом) Канал Максима:
VSCO Film Effects in Photoshop In this tutorial you will learn how to achieve to well known VSCO Film effect in photoshop. VSCO is a company that makes analog film digital. You will learn 3 ...

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