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I just don't know how I made it through these last 15 years without the guidance I received at On My Own. #gsgis
First time I've been in town for the gov school reunion in years and look who I found! #oyecomova #gsgis
"Congregation (Faculty) level your of Oxford. #brasenosecollege #gsgis
Rain selfie with my old high school in the background #gsgis
This circuit schematic knows what's up. #2k2 #gsgis
Presentación Curso Online "Introducción a gvSIG y su aplicación a la gestión forestal" Un curso en modalidad online para estudiantes de últimos años de ingeniería, empresas y técnicos de áreas relacionadas con la gestión de sistemas ...
More than 20 years of friendship! Original #governerds! #juniorprom #gsgis #rva
Such a sweet #birthday card from #gsgis!
Oh gosh, me in hs. I thought I was so cool. #gsgis #tbt
Why Is Governor's School So Great? A short series of testimonials from a few Governor's School seniors explaining a little about what they think is special about the experience here - and ...
Kidney Stones Maggie L. Walker Governor's School.
John Wilkes on Governor's School in the 90s John Wilkes presented at the Maggie Walker Governor's School PTSA meeting on Tuesday, December 3, 2013. He spoke about the early years of the ...
Sartre: The Flies This movie is a high school Lit class's adaptation of Sarte's "The Flies"
Pinhole magic. #gsgis
One of the few fun things about moving is finding throwbacks like this! Junior prom with Bapu! #oldschool #juniorprom #gsgis #governerds
My alumni haiku, written by Jacobi, current student. #gsgis
Fall Festival commences! (with a reenactment of the Bad & Thriller videos, no less) #gsgis #governerds
The Bare Ankled Boys - MLWGS Graduation - Home and Wagon Wheel Our rendition of Home and Wagon Wheel for Maggie L Walker Governor's School Graduation, complete with a mid-song ...
Sega Rally Championship - Track #7 The soundtrack from Sega Rally Championship. The game was developed by AM5 and published by Sega in 1994.
This Love -- MLWGSGIS Talent Show 2005 Maroon 5's hit song performed by the Urban Renewal Project in their first ever performance at the Maggie Walker Governor's School's talent show in 2005.
Darksiders 2 Gameplays Part 14 (HD 1080p) TNT Gameplays.True HD Gameplays. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Darksiders 2 is developed by Vigil Games and publshed by ...
Ninos Ricos Pobres Padres Capitulo 5 (1/3) Derechos reservados a Telemundo y EMI. I do not own this video - no copyright infringement!!
Alumni Lunch Showcase Dec 2011 Barry Gabay '05 and Trevor Piersol '06 presented on their recent treks in the Himalayas, including a journey to Everest Base Camp in Nepal and camping with ...

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