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Art Trade with @niarshiu ~~ Thank you for join!!! 😆😆😆 Sorry I make your OC looks sexy/hot boys😂😂😂 Well, nothing lineart again sorry 😢Maybe I am started busy again😂😂 Actually, I want post this yesterday. But I'm forget and busy ...
5000 piece color puzzle, who's crazy enough to attempt?!
i know i know i'm so inactive (damn connection problems) but i decided to do something. i'm gonna delete all the posts on this account. i had a really really tough year. i want to do a new start for ...
"Sore wa chigau yo!" (Danganronpa crossover! Art and Kirigiri have so many similarities wow :o Also, sorry for the bad cropping;; I tried my best haha) (Credit to artist)
#hamatora #hamatoratheanimation #anime #manga #rehamatora #arthamatora #nicehamatora #art ...
Perfect ending, 9 out of 10 anime ^_^ #anime #hamatora
『Nagito Komaeda and Hajime Hinata』
『noirebun | tumblr』 [ #danganronpa ] 🐻 [ #shingekinokyojin ] ⚔️ [ #nogamenolife ] 🎮 [ #shigatsuwakiminouso ] 🎻 [ #haikyuu ] 🏐 [ #kurokonobasket ] 🏀 [ #noragami ] 💰 [ #shokugekinosoma ] ...
Nice from Hamatora

Why don't you write in the comments who i should draw next?

i'm gonna cry new MM update is do beautiful 💙 『Mystic Messenger』『Jumin Han, Zen, V, Jaehee Kang, Seven and Yoosung Kim』 [ #danganronpa ] 🐻 [ #shingekinokyojin ] ⚔️ [ #nogamenolife ] 🎮 [ #shigatsuwakiminouso ] 🎻 [ #haikyuu ] ...
אם משהו רוצה שאני אעשה פתיחה של אנימה שהוא אוהב, מוזמן לומר.
If anyone wants me to make an intro song of anime he likes, welcome to say
1.) Boku no/My hero academia
2.) ...
The first time I drew Nice which was 2 years ago vs 2 minutes ago 😭😩 #hamatora #rehamatora #nice
hamatora the animation「amv 」 - 🎵 monster 🎵 Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, ...
HAMATORA - La Minute Animé #11 Info sur la vidéo : Nouvelle minute animé enfin ! Avec en plus un nouveau chibi fait par Salvatore et Saurcroc ( il m'en on fait d'autres vraiment beau aussi ) !
Top 10 Strongest Hamatora Characters Top 10 Strongest Hamatora Munimum Holders If you like it subscribe, comment or share for more videos. This would be of help for the channel. New video every ...
Re:␣Hamatora - Official Trailer It's been three months since the incident at Yokohama. After an unforeseen reunion, Art holds Nice at gunpoint. What are his real intentions? What will become ...

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