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Chased a rainbow on my commute this AM. We were fellow travelers from Sauk to The Boo..#morningrainbow🌈 #fridaysurprise #highwayhappiness #itsnotsobad #fridaycommute #kwiktripcoffeestop #lifeintheboo #worklife
It's a wrap. 7000 kms 21 sleeps and four states. So much smiling, so much exploring and so many new geographical memories. 'Twas so fking great to travel with my best friend and have many unexpected, interesting, hillarious conversations and ...
Today we went to the historic, incredible, millions of years old, Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park in South Australia. These caves are one of Australia's marvels, accidentally discovered in 1930 by a young boy named Boyce Lane and his ferret who ...
Travelling thrillbillies 😂😂😂😂we said to our kids, "have you seen the Hangover movies?? Well that's going to be us..."😂😂😂#vinnyvango #parentsgowild #thongsinshowers Hey Bob, did you bring the thermos?? Ha ha. We out of control!!! #funtimeswithbob #smilesafari #highwayhappiness
Amazing views to behold .... "And He preforms great signs, so that He even makes fire come down out of heaven to the earth in the presence of men. Rev. 13:13 NASB

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