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🌍 Ripoll, Girona, Spain =====================================
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🏆🎉 C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ...
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Channel your inner nomad by converting a wagon—or vardo, as they were once called—into a small retreat! We love the wooden siding and colorful exterior of this wagon in Burgundy, France.⠀

📷: @airbnb in Burgundy, France
"May every window open to great possibility."
📋Features: 1.56 Acres, 4 Beds, 3 Baths, Hardwood Floors, Spacious Kitchen, Spacious Barn + More! 💥Click the link in the bio for more information!
Peep that dog in the window 🐶
Aujourd'hui, j'ai donné une centaine de romans à un centre de détention. En tout, mon passage dans cet établissement à haute sécurité était d'une dizaine de minutes, mais mon degré de confort a baissé rapidement. J'espère apporter, grâce à la ...
v. pleased with the results of my #ektar100 roll shot in Charleston + Minneapolis. I'd known for a while I would fall in love with Savannah and Charleston and their colorful houses, and I totally did. hoping to blog some ...
Pillsbury Avenue might just be the cutest street name ever..
1900. Such a beautiful house design! It looks like it should have shingles, but alas, it's just siding.
Haunted House Portrait | Big Lots Halloween 2017 Intro done by the voice actor for Corn Stalker! Outro done by the voice actress for Roaming Rosie!
No, This Is Not Obama's Official White House Portrait Over the weekend, people were sharing an image that purported to be Barack Obama's official White House portrait. The stunning portrait had also gone viral on ...
House Portrait Commission - Watercolor and Ink A House Portrait! I don't normally do houses, but it was a fun challenge. I am open for commissions: Portraits of: People, Pets, Houses Any other natural subject ...
OH MY! MELANIA TRUMP’S WHITE HOUSE PORTRAIT WAS JUST REVEALED & IT IS STUNNING! Sub for more: | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, The White house just released first lady Melania Trump's official portrait ...
Dolce & Gabbana Defend Dressing Melania Trump For White House Portrait The designer who dressed first lady Melania Trump for her official White House portrait is the target of social media trolls and the label is firing back. Trump's ...

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