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Over the past few years, the #122cantonfair has implemented increasingly strict inspections and enhanced the screening process for self-owned brands exhibiting products at the Canton Fair, which has led to a dramatic decrease in intellectual property infringement. In order to ...

Merek atau brand adalah fondasi utama suatu bisnis. Jangan sampai sebagai pebisnis, Anda tidak mengurusnya! Bisa berabe nasib bisnis dalam era globalisasi ini. Tidak peduli pebisnis gede atau pebisnis ...
It’s funny to think of a time when I predominantly painted people. I have so much to learn about movement and anatomy, but the lessons will be worth it for the project I am dreaming up! ✨
Do you know what to do if one of your photos gets stolen? I found out the hard way! Today on the blog I'm talking out how I found one of my photos was being used without my permission, why ...
Off to the USA for a hectic flight schedule and a busy week. Ah well, only Robinson Crusoe has ever got anything done by Friday. #chicago #cleveland #orlando #frankfurt #brussels #airplane #flights #thisiscle #businesstrip #intellectualproperty #ohio #usa
Hoje, dia 16 de Outubro comemora-se o Dia da Ciência e Tecnologia! Nessa data é celebrada a evolução proporcionada pelo avanço da ciência e tecnologia como também o incentivo na criação de novas descobertas e invenções!
#athos #trademark #patentes #advogado ...
Com o objetivo de homenagear tantas descobertas no país, o dia 16 de outubro foi escolhido como o Dia da Ciência e Tecnologia para valorizar as grandes descobertas e incentivar os cientistas a desenvolverem novas pesquisas.
#agmoreira #trademark #patentes #advogado ...
Game 3 is tonight! ⚾️ We’re ready for the @astrosbaseball to bring home another win! Beat the Yankees! #crushcity #earnhistory #makeyourmark
Learn about the history of caramel apples and their patented machinery with our Patent of the Week: Caramel Apple Machinery
#caramelapple #patents #intellectualproperty
🚨 TRADEMARK REGISTRATION ALERT 🚨 Congratulations to my client, the Woodson Center, through the Intellectual Property and Trademark Clinic (IPTC) at @howardlawschool, for officially receiving the trademark registration for their community leadership program NLDI Online from the United States Patent ...
Monday Motivation from AH General Counsel Services and @officialfrankzane 👊
Amazing what time can do for technology. 11 years ago, it would be crazy to think that our world would have high speed internet on the go, or consumer grade VR headsets! It goes without saying, the people behind these ...
You file your trademark application and get an office action refusing registration because of a likelihood of confusion with a prior registration or pending application. One of the common ways to overcome a § 2(d) likelihood of confusion refusal is ...
*1 Week! Maximize & monetize your #intellectualproperty on 10/23! Register at!
#nobeefs I have been asked about this so frequently lately I’m just laying this out right here; this has always been my policy on this matter. I’ve just never imagined people would all at once have such an interest in ...
Please tag law students at OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY, OSUN STATE, NIGERIA, and environs.
I always clamour and trumpet the notion that WE need more lawyers in the entertainment industry in Nigeria. Elsewhere, particularly in the USA, Lawyers have been at ...
Grup Ofis Marka Günleri'nde bizi yalnız bırakmadığınız için teşekkürler!
#grupofismarkagunleri #grupofis #marka #patent #tasarim #ortadogu #middleeast #branding #event #education #ip #intellectualproperty @grupofismarkapatent @alyafiipgroup
💡 همکاری برزیل و آرژانتین در حمایت از پروژه‎های توسعه فناوری و نوآوری و مدیریت دارایی‎های فکری
✍️ آژانس نوآوری برزیل با مشارکت وزارت علوم، فناوری و تولید نوآورانه آرژانتین، طرحی در زمینه برخی حمایت‌های دو جانبه از ...
#davidbanner I need y'all to be sure that you go back home. They been waiting to tear our ghettos down and separate us from our land.
Why Most #entrepreneurs Hate #fundraising — And How to Fix It Entrepreneurs and #vc's need to be more precise in the way they talk to each other.

Why develop a #patent or other #intellectualproperty, #ip?
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A #venturecapital #investor talks about what he's #learned about #funding #startups Too much $money can hurt company, and more.

Why develop a #patent or other #intellectualproperty, #ip?
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They got you again... are they still #invitedtothecookout ? 🤣😂⚰️☠️

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