Malfunctioning pancreas

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Uhmmm... Yeah.
It has been one of THOSE afternoons and evenings. 🙈 .

This is what happens if you are being a normal teenager with a chronic disease who, for just a couple hours, while mom and dad was attending ...
I went shopping with this one this whole afternoon. Not my favourite activity but I loved the alone time with the T1D Princess. She grew SO MUCH these last couple six months and now has almost nothing to wear ...
D-stash. The inner part of the T1D Princess' D-bag was filthy and disgusting with blood stains and it desperately needed a wash. (I know I'm not the only mother who occasionally nags about the state of the D-bag.) Fortunately this ...
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It was an unvarying flat line right through the night...and then it headed uphill early morning. 😩😳
I wonder, is it easier to manage #dawnphenomenon when you're on a pump?
#t1d #type1 #typeone #autoimmunedisease #chronicillness #kidswitht1d ...

If we want to live transparent and brave lives with a chronic illness like #type1Diabetes , then we have to be able to acknowledge the good, but also the bad and the uglies we have ...
Sunday lunch is happening at the market.
But first, insulin. 💉
Slowly but surely the season is changing. #almostspring. With the warmer weather we've had lately the T1D Princess is happy that she can wear shorts again. It makes ...
Evidence under the breakfast table which gives away the approximate location of where the T1D Princess sat and had herself a very early breakfast (4.30am) this morning. #athleticevent #awayfortheentireday .
Don't quite know what went wrong here. #weirdbloodpositioning 😂
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There was not a trace or even a hint of #dawnphenomenon this morning.
"If this was my heartbeat I would be dead," the T1D Princess dryly stated as she waltzed into the kitchen for breakfast.
. 😂😂😂
What is the Relationship Between the Pancreas and Diabetes What is the Relationship Between the Pancreas and Diabetes The primary partnership that exists between the pancreas and ...
I'd say the T1D Princess is having herself one GREAT bloodsugar day!! 😍💙 Despite her having started the past 12 hours off with a hypo, the rest of the day went pretty fantastic.

Every single day our daughter puts ...
#type1Diabetes at the foodmarket.

Checking blood sugars and taking shots have become second nature. .

Does she always want to do this drill though?
Does she always feel like it?
Definately not.
Does she get tired of doing ...
I'd say that these 12 hours looked pretty good. 🤗

What makes it even more remarkable is the fact that this timeframe includes an early morning hour-long session of cross country training (hills) and an hour of horse ...
Ahhhhhhhh. 😍.
Nights like these... Gotta love them. 😍💙😍💙😍 .
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Yeah!!! A single box of sensors had finally arrived! With only 12 hours before the next sensor change was due.

There is a severe shortage of enlite sensors in our country which unfortunately results in a massive backlog. We ...
Now I wonder what this night is going to hold... 😩😱😨😵😳 @ 416mg/dl = this is the highest our daughter has been this year.

The T1D Princess is rather sick and her blood sugars tell an obvious story of her ...
It is 2:15am in the morning and this #dmom is wide awake and can't sleep. ❔❓❔❓❔ Dog tired though but can't sleep. 😩

The worst is that this line has been going steady for the past four and half hours. ...
Today we'll take this (90-158mg/dl), because compared to how things have been going lately... 🙈😩😵😳😠🤕😭😟😖😔😲😯😬 Grrrrrrrrr. .
#t1d #type1 #typeone #autoimmunedisease #chronicillness #kidswitht1d #type1Kid #lifewitht1d #type1Life #bloodsugar #pancreaticfailure #malfunctioningpancreas #nomorebetacells #frustration #type1Teenager
Yeah. We fight bravely, and appear strong and courageous, despite the war scars which decorate fingertips, legs, stomachs, upper arms and sometimes (tired) souls. .
#type1Diabetes #t1d #type1 #typeone #autoimmune #chronicillness #nocure #kidswitht1d #type1Kid #autoimmuneDisease #malfunctioningpancreas #nomorebetacells #t1dlookslikeme
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We've had a great night.
But then suddenly, out of nowhere, this awful spike showed up this morning 😨🤔 - and it is still on the rise... .
Mr Spike, please explain thyself! 😡
13.7mmol/L (246mg/dl)
Sometimes ...
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Liver Malfunction Today, our livers are under enormous stress because our poor diets don't supply the nutrients the liver needs to do its job, and our toxic overload is damaging ...
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