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Gorgeous art can be found everywhere and created with love and passion.

This sculpture of the now extinct Moa Bird I found recently on my travels in New Zealand

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After all the rain, everything has blossomed and the yard smells amazing!

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My signature coin is integral into several of my designs.
When you see it you know you have an original Carole Shashona
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Mom Om Being a mom is the greatest achievement. Take a moment for yourself without feeling guilty. Empower Mom.
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Spring Meditation ~On the Go Looking for a quick pick me up? Try meditation. It will help ground you and give you energy!
On the Go Style Living the path of a simple life will lead you to a greater one.
On The Go Style ~Light Your Soul is on it's highest journey to the light.
Empower with Color -Season of Abundance It is the Season of abundance, open your home, make your guests feel welcome. Use a bouquet of flowers in your entry way.
Carole Shashona Website Designs Learn about Shosh Says and Green by Carole! As a feng shui master, I like organization and have designed my site. Each site has a specific energy and ...

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