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Wear those Fashion Taboos What are the fashion taboos? Let's talk about them and how you can crush them!
How to Style Yourself I've created fashion and style maps to help you discover the best style for your body type.
Summer Travel Summer time is here! Going through the hustle and bustle of traveling. Try this meditation to help relax.
Create your Signature Style Create your own signature style. Use my metastylist tips to help use jewelry to enhance your fashion that makes you 'look good and feel good'
Empower with Color Are you feeling stressed out? Want to be more connected? Try this!
Memorial Day Bring blessings to those who have served us and our country. We are so grateful.
Inspiration creates calm Looking for inspiration or stuck... try this mediation.
Empower with Color Let's talk about empowerment and how to keep your self-esteem up when you encounter bullying or negativity in your space.
Contessa Spring Salad ~ The Power of Wellness Easy and simple salad for you to quickly create!
On the Go or At home, Stretch Your Muscles Are you home from a busy trip or just getting home from a long day at the office? I have put together a few stretches that will help elongate your body and stretch ...
Breathe in the Spring Looking for a quick pick me up? Try meditation. It will help ground you and give you energy!
On the Go Style Living the path of a simple life will lead you to a greater one.
Empower with Color -Season of Abundance It is the Season of abundance, open your home, make your guests feel welcome. Use a bouquet of flowers in your entry way.
Carole Shashona Designs Learn about Shosh Says and Green by Carole! As a feng shui master, I like organization and have designed my site. Each site has a specific energy and ...
Empower with Color Mix and Match How to make your accessories compliment your style. From your earrings to your shoes!!
Metal Body Empower with Color What is the metal body and shape? Let's talk about Gisele How do you accessorize? Round shapes, elongate with jewelry and glamorous.
Accessories Empower With Color This season has a lot of bling, how do we accessorize our clothes without taking away from our outfit and keep the glamour?
Stay True - #OnTheGoStyle Stay true to self, stay reverent to your own self.
Blue #EmpowerwithColor At the end of the day, how do you take a moment to cleanse and let go?
The Season of Abundance #EmpowerwithColor It's the Season of Abundance, Fall and the colors are brick and olive. Combine orange, okras and pumpkin shades How do you enhance your home with color.
On The Go Style -Travel Meditation When you are traveling or in a long line, it's the perfect time to mediate.
The Power of Wellness - Peaceful Warrior Drink Peaceful Warrior Drink, if you are tired and need a recharge during a slump in the day! Juicing these veggies is a quick and easy way to refresh for the rest of the ...
Empower with Color Earth Shape Let's talk about the Earth shape. The square shape needs lengthening. Accessories can help you, adding certain types of jewelry and shapes.
On The Go Style - Difficult When going through difficult times and times seem emotional Calmness gives you direction.
Empower with Color - Fear When going through fears or uncertain times, it's the perfect to take a moment and meditate.
Empower with Color Empower with Color Holiday season perfect for glamour and fun! Adding accessories to your elegant gown All jewelry is available at Barney's NY ...
Find the Light #OntheGoStyle Just a quick reminder, "In the darkness you will find the light"
Meditation for the Shopper A perfect time to mediate when you are in a long line.

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Source: abc news - Metastylist