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Booked Your Jersey Shore Summer Rental Yet!? 22 Days Til #MemorialDayWeekend! Have you booked your #SummerRental at the #JerseyShore yet? Don't delay! Call me today! (732-508-7402) #VRIHomes #SummerTimesCalling.
Turnpike 2 and Night drive. 3/11/17 a timelapse of going to get some medicine and chasing clouds of course. Some night driving as well chasing that partially full moon. Music is Nujabes -City Lights (feat. Phase Rock...
Cloud Chasing A timelapse of the snow on 3/10/17 driving around and I actually get to be passenger ( i always drive.) using just my iphone 7 and an ollo clip. Enjoy and music is susumu hirasawa - The girl...
Dancing Trees of Rutgers Gardens and Appreciating Nature 3/2/17 Hello there. I decided on a lil trip to Rutgers Gardens,if you live in central Jersey i feel like you know bout this place hahahah. If not here ya go! Its not the full gardens theres so much...
Free Open House at Ventura Dance Center every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. " We want to make Closter the Dancing Capital of Bergen County"

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