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Adam Drake from Mugen Seiki Racing talks about two and three needle carburetors. Adam Drake from Mugen Seiki Racing talks about two and three needle carburetors.
First time run of the PALOMA 41032/9886 TLR4.0 Buggy Here you see me running a STOCK PALOMA LE for the first time after break in with a #8 Vinturie that did not come with the motor and I got it from NOVAROSSI ...
Adam Drake talks about the Novarossi Drake engine. Adam Drake talks about the new Novarossi Drake engine.
NR IDLE TEST NovaRossi Speed 13 retrofit with an R61F sleeve. Idle test and throttle response test. Friggin' great!
20160403 171105 First run of the Nova Rossi Speed 13 to R61F conversion. Promising...... R61 Sleeve in the Speed 13 case. Speed 13 piston to keep the required swish band ...
Rex Paloma .21 Easiest Break-In Ever Running in my new rex paloma .21 engine check em out at
New Novarossi 91 Direct Drive Mark Bullard testing the new Novarossi 91 Direct Drive Marine Engine on one of his F Hydro designs.
7.5cc Outboard 2015 Winter Spec. HTB360 Novarossi 7.5cc Outboard 2015 Winter Spec - Australia - HTB360, Custom Novarossi 46 Outboard - Vision 45, Ozspec Novarossi 46 Outboard 1:21.36 Heat time.
Novarossi 46 Testing for the Nitro Shoot out in Fl..
Novarossi Icarus .91 Engine Flying the new Novarossi engine, just got to the end of the break in phase. This is the new Novarossi Icarus .91 engine, ask for it at your local hobby shop or ask ...
NovaRossi "KEEP" .21 OB 57.2 mph Pass Brand New NovaRossi KEEP .21 Outboard Box Stock Boat: Lynx Pipe: Cooper Lower: O.S. Prop: x442 Driver: Mitch Atwell Sr. OB Expert: Mitch Atwell Jr. Radar ...
To Be 46 DD Novarossi World Marine engine TOP New To Be 46 Direct Drive ( 7.5cc ) marine engine Novarossi World Nuovo motore Novarossi marino To-Be.46 Direct Drive linea TOP.
Novarossi .46 outboard First Video'd Novarossi .46 outboard motor.
New TOP line 2012 Novarossi World New TOP 2012 Novarossi World S.r.l. Marine engines.
2010 REX engines line up The new REX R/C Plane and Helicopter engines for 2010, as presented @ the Toyfair.
Motor Swap, OS-91-HZ for a Novarossi 91HR-3D-3N at OHB 2009 Luka let Rich and I play with his companie's new 91 HR-3D-3N motor! The swap involved only replacing the motor, keeping EVERYTHING else the same (fuel, ...
New Prototype NOVAROSSI REX 91 Heli Engine Test: n001 with new Prototype motor NOVAROSSI REX 91 Heli version.

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