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This month is special. It's my birthday month & if any of you REALLY know me you KNOW I go HARD for birthdays. They're important too me. Always have been, always will be. •

Because this year is such ...
Hunter the Scarecrow! I like this one a lot more than I thought I would.
#art #digitalart #october #halloween #costume #oc #inktober #scarecrow #scare
Every color of the season looks great on Blizzy! .
#samoyedautumn #happyfall #pumpkinpatch #prettygirl #october #octoberismyfavorite #samoyed #samoyedsofinstagram #sammysmile
💪Muffin Top & Love Handles Workout💪
Burpees>>>3 sets 12reps
Bicycles>>>3 sets 15reps
Dumbbell Deadlift>>>3 sets 12reps
Jumping Jacks>>>3 sets 15reps
Toe Touches>>>3 sets 15reps
Mountain Climbers>>>3 sets 15 reps
Crunches>>>3 sets 15reps
Flutter Kicks>>>3 sets 15reps
Dumbbell ...
How many of these differences between the book Christine & the real '58 Fury did you catch? https://t.co/8GQGkq7LPV… https://t.co/jI0ONLld7E
When you're thankful for the most beautiful #climate in the states but your body is like, #WTH? It's like summer… https://t.co/gsz0o2bKwD
How many recipes can you name where these go great? Ready...set...go! 🎃#worldfoodday #pumpkins #october #fallfashion https://t.co/W7CPIJSXBS
Skeem Saam 6 - Eps 71 (16 October 2017 ) Meikie finds a shocking SMS from John's phone. Dennis is forced to deal with a reality he cannot change. MaNtuli gets dealt a firm hand by Mr Kgomo.
NEW K-POP SONGS - OCTOBER 2017 (WEEK 3) This video shows all the new K-Pop Songs that we could find for this week! -- It is released every week just before our Top 60 K-Pop Songs Chart so that you ...
PBS NewsHour Weekend full episode October 14, 2017 On this edition for Saturday, Oct. 14, fires in northern California leave whole towns devastated, and persecuted Rohingya Muslims continue to flee Myanmar.
Ultimate Fails Compilation 248 || October 2017 || FailFun We love fails Enjoy brand new weekly compilation Ultimate Fails of the October 2k17 week 2 , It includes: dirt and mountain bike, bmx tricks fails, stupid girls ...
FAILS Compilation || October 2017 || MonthlyFails Hi all! Here's new compilation of epic fail videos from all over the globe. Tractor failure, truck fails, forklift funny fail and more for this October 2017 fails ...

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