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Disaat kalian tidak punya siapa2 berusahalah maen dengan org godeg karena org godeg itu walaupun satu tapi pipi nya rame.
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Yang lain sibuk, aku cuek aja.
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⚪Directed by : @aryaputraw_
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STOCK FOOTAGE - Lhasa, Tibet, 2000s #043109 To license footage please contact [email protected], Lhasa, Tibet, 2000s, HD 1920x1080. People in square. Man praying. Outdoor market, vendors. street pedestrians. Passengers exiting train...
Tribute to Linkin Park made by 1000 fans Performing the Song What I've Done Tribute to Linkin Park made by 1000 fans Performing the Song What I've Done.
'Flight of the Angel' provides highlight to Venice carnival 1. Close of man wearing black costume and white Venetian mask 2. Wide of group wearing black costumes and Venetian masks 3. Close of woman wearing white costume and Venetian mask 4. Wide...
Serbs in mountain village hold carnival to celebrate medieval hero 1. Wide of people in main square in Strpce 2. Close of Serbian flag being waved 3. Mid of people dressed in traditional clothes and with animal skins and horns, dancing 4. Close of two men...
Funeral held for seven children killed in Swiss bus crash (22 Mar 2012) VRT POOL Leuven 1. Wide of hearses driving towards Saint Peter's Church (Dutch: Sint-Pieterskerk) 2. Wide of military pallbearers carrying coffin up steps of church 3. Various...
Chechnya - New Year celebrations T/I: 11:16:59 Chechnya's first peaceful New Year after almost two years of conflict brought residents out into Tuesday night's (31/12) cold to celebrate in traditional noisy fashion....
Times Square TIMES SQUARE------------ 1. Wide of signs in Times Square tilts down to people 2. Medium of people in square 3. Wide of signs and people 4. Medium of people walking 5. Medium of signs...

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