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要快!用氣壓鍋煮咖喱雞~Cooked curry chicken by using pressure cooker❤️#philipspressurecooker#hd2178#咖喱雞#氣壓鍋#气压锅#philipsmy#currychicken#咖喱鸡
Prefer to sleep in a little longer? Be your very own speedy chef by trying this delish Strawberries and Cream Overnight Oats recipe 😉 YUMS! 😍 #mealprepwin

½ cup rolled oats
½ cup coconut, almond, or cashew milk
1 Tbsp Chia ...
#healthysnacktime: Nibble away with hummus and pita chips as they are an excellent protein source for everyone including vegans! For an effortless hummus making experience, there’s Philips Hand Blender. 😉

Tag a friend who makes the best hummus!
Quinoa (pronounced: KEEN-wah) is high in fiber and protein. Instead of white rice, why not opt for a healthier, and yummier choice? Quinoa cooks perfectly well in our Philips Rice Cooker. 😉
📷: Pixabay
Craving for ayam percik but don't have time to cook it? Just use Philips All-in-one pressure cooker & its done in 20 minutes! 👏👏
Tasty & healthy food is now so easy to #cook 🍜🍗🍰🍞
#cooking #cookingtime ...
Don't believe us when we say you can iron different types of materials without the need of temperature settings? Watch how @julzmakeup does it with a cotton shirt. 😉 📷: @julzmakeup #philipsmy #philipsnoburn
Don't believe us when we say you can iron different types of materials without the need of temperature settings? Watch how @julzmakeup does it with jeans and silk! Stay tuned for Part 2 where she used a cotton shirt. 😉 ...
This is multitasking at its best! @kampungboycitygal left her Philips PerfectCare Elite Steam Generator Iron on for more than 10 minutes and nothing happened to her dress, no burns! 🙅🔥 📷: @kampungboycitygal #philipsmy #philipsnoburn
Are you always looking for new recipes to go with your AirFryer? The Philips AirFryer app is available on Android and iOS. Check out this video for more information on where you can get our favourite yummy recipes! 
Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and I'm home bound! An honour to attend Men's Folio 20th Anniversary Celebration @ Zouk KL! Met up with long lost friends and also made a couple new ones! Great evening! Thanks ...
Men's Folio 20th anniversary party happy birthday
One small step can make a big difference. The air in our homes can be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. 
Keep this at bay with Philips Air Cleaner.
Next, our Instagram contest winners. Thank you everyone for the amazing shots and special thanks to our sponsors Jack Black, Kiehl's and Philips.

#mensfoliomy #fashionparty #20years #funnightout #philipsmy #mykiehls #g_shock #getjackblack #mensfashion #fashioninsider #partyready #stylefile
And here's our best dressed winners for the night and each of them took home a G-Shock G-Steel watch!

#mensfoliomy #fashionparty #20years #funnightout #philipsmy #mykiehls #g_shock #getjackblack #mensfashion #fashioninsider #partyready #stylefile
Happy 20th Anniversary @mensfoliomy #mensfoliomy #philipsmy #mykiehls #g_shock #getjackblack
MY BRO FELL IN A GRAVE **PRANK!** PRANK...Today's prank was literally something to laugh at! Elliot has taking up vaping again which I strongly disagree on. So by teaching him a lesson I switched ...
My bro will NEVER walk again! PRANK! So the sun's out and Elliot's attempt at getting a beach body have started once again. He just had a new treadmill delivered yesterday so I invited Cameraman ...
My bro's been locked up! PRANK! So after our weird night in the haunted office Elliot's been acting awfully weird. He randomly screams through the night, twitches and occasionally turns ...
Philips Freshtones Bluetooth Headset Since Apple's release of the AirPods, bluetooth wireless headsets are becoming a normal way to listen to sounds on your iOS devices. Philips Freshtones offers ...
One Blade | my 4 month update Get One Blade: Here's my 4 month update of Philips Norelco's One Blade - a unique wet/dry electric razor that's perfect for the average ...
The Best Bluetooth Earphone Under Rs 2000: The Philips My Jam SHB5250 Review The Philips My Jam SHB5250 This is One of the Best Bluetooth Earphone that you can pick under Rs 2000.
How 2 Get Kicked From Soupskidz memes Tryhard is ez Shitty kys (creeperhunter29) Pack: Capping conquest tomorrow :)

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