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Magpul Gen M3 MCT PMAG: The Official USMC Magazine Review (4k) I do some shooting with the new US Marine Corps PMAG, discuss the recent test of them compared with 3 other magazines, and what I think of them overall.
#sandmag with aquamarine #ritedye came out pretty cool but double I could recreate the color! Glad I did two!
#magpul @magpul #pmag #pmaggen3 #ar15 #ar15build #magloader #rifle
Happy 10th to the PMAG, its come a long way in a short time! I'd buy you a diamond ring @magpul but that would drastically cut into my PMAG budget. Sorry, priorities!
Smells like freedom 😍 #223wylde #556 #magpul #pmag #pmaggen3
Magpul Pmag Gen2 vs Gen3 Problems Magpul Pmag Gen 2 vs Gen 3 I discuss one of the reason I like the gen 2 magpul Pmag better than the gen 3. Follow me on twitter: ...
2017 is the year to make 20 round mags great again #byanymeans #make20rdsgreatagain #pmag20 #pmaggen3 #m4a1 #sopmod #letsdoitgents @fiftyshadesoffde @addicted2thegear @nine_banger @pewpewpreacher @shinobi275 @cool_water_clone @service_rifle_clones @jasondjeter @tb5252 @tacticool_connor @garand_thumb @till44
USMC Approves PMAG Gen3 This approval is a big step for the Marine Corps, and I hope it leads to alot more improvements. For upcoming videos and to make requests on video subjects ...
Magpul - GEN M3 PMAG now in MCT! Introducing the MCT (Medium Coyote Tan) material for the GEN M3 PMAG. While we were at it, we thought we'd have some fun with the “War Department” ...
Ultimate Magpul Gen3 Pmag Torture Test Ultimate Magpul Gen3 Pmag Torture Test You guys wanted it and here it is! How does the Magpul Gen3 Pmag hold up against the Lancer L5-AWM Translucent ...
Magpul Gen 3 Sand In this episode of Man vs Magazine I put the Magpul Gen III SAND mag through the Man vs Mag protocol. Magpul says it is their strongest mag, so lets see if that ...
Magpul AK PMAG Gen M3, Ranger Plates & Maglink Review Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The New Magpul AK Pmag Gen M3, Maglink Coupler and AK Ranger Plates. Magpul is bringing the AK-47 into the 21 Century.
Magpul M3 Pmag Problem And Fix A problem I ran into, and I show how to fix it. With the new Magpul M3 pmags.
Spare bedroom turns into my workshop sometimes, so ignore the background.
Installed a #seekinsprecision billet magazine release on my AR.
So much better than the milspec release. Just slightly longer, with a more effective texturing. It all makes a huge ...
You can never go into your LGS and walk out empty handed, like you can never have enough Pmags, and 150 rounds of 5.56 Green Tip for 39.95 is a steal! #sundaygunday #ar15 #556 #m855 #magpul #pmaggen3 #ammo #maglula #lakecitybrass ...
Bag full of goodies
This is why she's bae 😍😍
Magpul PMAG 30 GEN M3 Magazine Marking Matrix Identification Label AR/M4/M16 This is a video on the new (2014) Magpul PMAG 30 Gen M3 magazines; specifically the paint pen dot matrix bottom panel for easy marking of the magazine for ...
Magpul Gen M3 1 Year Loaded Test 12+ Months Loaded and stored with seasonal temperature changes. Magpul Gen M3 Delivers.
Getting ready for Mammoth, locked and loaded and ready for some fun at the range 😏 almost forgot we needed mags! USPS Priority Mail saves the day 😁
#magpul #pmag #magpulPMAG #pmaggen3 #pmagclips #ar15 #m4 #m4ar15 #armag #10roundmags #223caliber #556caliber ...
Magpul .223 / 556 "PMag" M2 vs M3 (Gen2 vs Gen3) This review compares the M2 (Gen 2) vs the M3 (Gen 3) PMag from Magpul Industries. Both mags are stripped down and I take a look at the slight differences in ...
Fix: Empty Pmag gen 3 doesn't catch/lock bolt AR platform is new to me, and I hope I don't upset anyone here because I am a noob when it comes to ARs. I recently assembled this Noveske rifle and bought 3 ...
Pmag Gen 3 unwrapped! #magpul #pmaggen3

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