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One moment he was kissing this Minnie and the next he got tired of it... right now his choice of toys is only household items 😄
Sebastian / 2017
228/365 -
you live in my head without a doubt
model: @r.em.edy
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Had too much fun shooting these at the @collectivesway night shoot last month.
Definitely go check out @the_endurance. Sweater game on point too. 🙌

#teamsway #nightphotography
Congratulation @Distianofauzi You have been selected as @Fatal.Escape of the day. .

Team = @Raff30_ || @Mhd.Farass || @MirzaPulnadell || @Alvin032

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Port of San Francisco
I just like the general vibe of this photo. There's nothing going on and there's a lot going on. It's dark, it's bright and I'm perpetually attracted to contrasting moods.
Shot a bunch of stuff for @laurettaunderwear the other day! Here's a sneak peek!
straight up 🔥 w/ @hugoleo11
How to get landscape mode for portrait games || And home screen also || [Hindi] Thanks for watching... Welcome to our channel TECH & MORE Hey namaskar dosto aj mey upko dikhaunga ki kayse up apne phone ke home screen ko rotate ...
NYC #ShootEditLearn Portrait Workshop Testimonial - Hosted by @gameoftones and @portraitgames I recently attended a New York City portrait photography workshop taught by Adam King (@kingy_kings) and Andrew Kinder (@avkinder). In this video, I break ...
3 PHOTOGRAPHERS SHOOT THE SAME MODEL - The Ultimate Portrait Challenge This video is inspired by by Jessica Kobeissi. See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XM4vQGcKEEo In this portrait photography challenge, ...
Change Orientation of Any Game! Works best with portrait Games! Orientation of every game can be changed but its upon your device wether it could handle it or not! Download the app from here ...
SHOOTING PORTRAITS WITH DISPOSABLE CAMERAS In this video, I take portraits of my friend using three different disposable cameras: Fujifilm QuickSnap, Kodak Power Flash, and Ilford XP2 Super. The emergence ...
How to play portrait games or apps in landscape mode. NO ROOT REQUIRED. I follow Sub4Sub. So, if you subscribe me, comment below so that I can subscribe you! I don't lie Believe me!
TOP STREET PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS WITH OSCAR ALVAREZ Street photography is a very challenging creative medium to master. I've learned that one of the best ways to improve in photography is to find a mentor or ...

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