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Phases Of the Moon by me i created a new song and sung it today.
1 second is added for every bad meme Veld Meme uploads For every bad post Veld Meme made 1 second is added to the video.
Infiltration meme First 15 sec (WIP) Don't own blizzard or anything but gud meme + good film = 11/10.
the police try to stop the bleeding song is bleed by mushaggah if you didnt know.
Albert Does The most Idiotic, toxic and racist place on earth.
Destiny Crispy Cookie Snipes These snipes are brought to you Crispy Cookies in Destiny Iron Banner. MY TWITCH :: DONATE VIA STICKERS ...
Destiny-Iron banner w/Killionare01 The video is my first destiny hope you like it.
Dank Memes Vine Compilation I'm back to making videos more frequently and hoping to upload part 2 soon. Hope you enjoy this quick video I made. Don't forget to LIKE, SHARE, and ...
lose yourself by bob it is realy dank he just went with it with no trying.

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Source: abc news - Realydank