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Cybin 28cm Tall still up for grabs with a bit of a price drop! :D He's amazing and is looking for an awesome new home 🏠 etsy link in bio!!! #artdolls #artdoll #posabledoll #posableartdoll #monsterdoll #dragon #dollcollectors #art #resin #psychedelic ...
Just got this wonderful resin plaque from @giorgos_tsougkouzidis as always really great quality stuff! Excited to get painting! #resin #cast #biomechanical #sculpture #plaque
Sparkling details ✨
Please excuse the reflections! 🌤🏠🙄
"Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality."
#resin #agate #blue #abstractart #art #fluidart #fluidpainting #alcoholinks
turn out for June FFAT to see these bad boys
#drawing #pastel #resin #cypresshill #justkillaman #torch #casp @picturesofthingsidonteat 😻💘
Just getting a new 14mm & 18mm female quartz nail, but I wanna check out new glass pieces #newyork #nyc
I am sorry about the delay moving has been crazy! Please read the first starting post way back in the beginning for rules if you are just joining 💙Thank you for your support! 💜
Dica: essa é a quantidade ideal de pasta de dente para uma escovação!!! Muita pasta só atrapalha a escovação! Não desperdice...😷 #ficaadica #bioodonto #tips #sorrisolindo #transformaçãodosorriso #clareamento #bleaching #venner #resin #ceramic #emax
We are throwing in an extra Resin Art workshop this Sunday 10am - 2pm $150p/p (byo lunch) 40cm round.
Jump in & enjoy learning the ins & how's of this amazing art form.
Booking essential through our website or contact ...
I'm so proud, my first homemade silicone mold was a total success!! I usually buy my silicone molds ready to use, so now I can say these pendants were handmade by me from A to Z! That means I have ...
DipIt #16: Resin vs. Aluminum: My Horrible Gift to Carl Jacobson! I reached out to Carl Jacobson to see if he wanted to do another collaboration with me. Since he sent me something rare and beautiful (paint chips) I decided to ...
Aluminum and Resin Bowl! A Gift From Peter Brown! Become a patron member for a chance to win this bowl!! All of my Patreon supporter are entered in the drawing. Peter ...
How to DIY Watermelon Popsicle Polymer Clay/Resin Tutorial Hey everyone! Hope you guys are enjoying the weather. today I have a video on how to DIY this cute/kawaii polymer clay and resin watermelon popsicle.
Requested Tutorial - Resin Shaker Charms 2.0 Hi all! In this requested tutorial, you will see how to create resin shaker charms utilizing UV resin instead of glue for attaching transparency films. Feel free to ...
How to make an Ocean Table // Concrete and Epoxy Resin I made a concrete/epoxy table that looks like a cross section of the ocean! Subscribe to my channel: Second Channel: ...
Wood and Resin Pendant How to use a Silicone mold by to make a wood and resin masterpiece!
Dipit # 4 v. 2.0 : Resin vs Coffee Coffee beans and resin espresso tamper 2.0 Free trial of Audible: Check out Enders Game or Enders Shadow at ...
Epoxy Resin Table 20 years ago I planted 10 birch trees on the opposite side of the road from my house. Sadly, due to the local authority's ruling, I had to cut them out. The reason ...
Resin Painting techniques Learn how to 'dirty pour' resin mixed with colorants such as different kinds of paint, alcohol ink and other household items to create unique resin paintings. Video ...

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