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Baby steps in to adventure #1 #reversebungie
reverse bungie ball - The Eight Towers Pub - Widnes i think this was the summer sometime between 2007 - 2009 with work friends. i filmed this after i had been on it as the phone rang just as someone using my on the phone for the recording.
Couples who bungie together stay together ❄️🤙😆 #queenstown #ajhackett #bungie #reversebungie
This is how they deal with Americans at #hitd #hospitality #meanwhileinlondon #reversebungie
My daughter is psychotic.. See previous post 😂 only my fucking kid would pull this shit.. And she's afraid of everything. #darienlake #slingshotride #300feet #80mph #vertical #reversebungie
G-Max reverse bungie at Clarke Quay Singapore Its not like being shot out of a canon but still cool.
Reverse Bungie In Singapore Crazy moments with brother Abhishek Srivastava :)
G-Max Boracay Reverse Bungie Jumping Awesome experience in Boracay Philippines 3-29-15.
#reversebungie @cindz1989 @cbaltao7
It's a bit out of sync.. But you get the idea @joshdelrosario_ #reversebungie #brotherlylove #singapore
Coming soon... The view from inside the sphere. #reversebungie #singapore #howdidwegetsohigh #bungieiswhy
reverse bungie at boars head pub 2013 just a few clips of the reverse bungie at boars head pub with angela cross and her mates doing it for charity :D.
GMAX Reverse Bungie (w/ Cam148Rex and tHeNoLdOg) "Life is about taking risks." That famous quote almost set Nolan and I into cardiac arrest. This is us on the GX5 Reverse Bungie in Singapore - if you've ever wanted to crap yourself, this...
I just did a #reversebungie for #christie #charity an raised £100 and counting, rather proud of myself :)
[email protected] วิวด้านบนสวยมากก อยากให้ทุกคนได้เหน.
reversebungee Me and Pete on the reverse bungee second year running at Bugjam 26.
ReverseBungee Had an amazing B'day in Singapore with some of my best pals... Just at the advent of the day, I was up in the air for reverse bungee jumping... A delightful experience :-)
rachael doing a sponsored reverse bungie video'd for prosperity, and a laugh :) either way braver than me *sorry if there are any video/sound sync issues.

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