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Vondel corners 💕
Lost in the moment
these days i been dead, got no feelings
The vibe is insane
Spicks and Specks - Bee Gees
C҉l҉e҉a҉n҉s҉e҉ y҉o҉u҉r҉ s҉o҉u҉l҉
Atacakları bol çamur batacağım çok batak var
Hoşuma gitmedi hayata kattıkları bu sert aroma
Düzelebilmek için başvurduğum her tedavinin sonu koma.
What a great long weekend😎. #shotoniphonex
Entry for the #kuhrmarvinffa editing contest. Always been dreaming of visiting Norway and this little fishers village 🇳🇴 At least, I edited this place now.
Photo by: @kuhrmarvin
#norge #norgefoto #norges_fotografer #mittnorge #norway #visitnorway #greatnorthcollective #visitscandinavia ...
“Our ultimate end must be the creation of the beloved community.” Martin Luther King Jr., April 1960

The sun rising over downtown Athens, our creative and beloved community.
First shoot of the year w/ @jaggerkhalifa @rayban @billabong & @pressroomsa !

Jagger and I spent about 4.5 hours on this shoot running all over Cape Town chasing decent light & worth while locations on our latest collaboration with @rayban ...
Sariyagi Nenapide Cover Song | Talent Undiscovered | Harshith Harsh An Awesome Rendition by Harshith Harsh, A talent to be Nurtured. Please do Like, Share and Comment your Views about the Video. To Follow Harshith Harsh please click the link below https://www.you...
Skill Inflation Mike Fouchet discusses the increase in difficulty of succeeding at big tournaments in the Pokemon TCG. With the game continuing to grow, he gives some tips on how to keep up with an increasing...
Top 8C Michael Long Vs Fredrik Wold Magnus Helle Kalland -2017 European International Championships Like Comment and Subscribe https://goo.gl/B3dylF !!! Thanks For Watching Top 8C Michael Long Vs Fredrik Wold Magnus Helle Kalland -2017 European International Championships Support By Using...
Meta Forecast for the London International Championship Tord Reklev, Rahul Reddy, Ryan Allred, and Phinnegan Lynch discuss the upcoming London International Championship. Enjoy! Let me know what you think of the new intro!
Meta Makers Brad Curcio and Azul Garcia Griego talk about how they navigate, predict, and form the meta to continuously stay on top in the Pokemon TCG.
Sea's Speaks: Losing to Luck Sometimes you just get unlucky. Here are some changes that could be made to the Pokemon TCG to reduce the amount of luck.
Life as a Pro: Michael Pramawat Michael Pramawat explains how he is able to play the PokemonTCG as a job, and what it is like.
Pokemon TCG Hartford Regionals 2017-18 Finals: Greninja vs Volcanion This match from the 2017 - 2018 Hartford Regional Championships for Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) Masters Division has Michael Long with a Greninja deck vs Igor Costa with a Volcanion deck....
Meta Forecast for Hartford and Daytona Regionals Featuring Azul , Brad, Christopher , and Frank We have another group of four amazing players to help guide you through the upcoming metas of Hartford and Daytona! Enjoy. Don't forget to like and subscribe.

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