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Everyone is talking about baseball... meanwhile I’m over here... where can I find this at? 💕😍 I would love to have a pink pumpkin😊😂 .
#pumpkin #pinkout #pinklove #october #octoberbaby #scorpio #decor #pinkeverything #fall #girly #makeup #beauty #pinkteam #lol
Comment me a nega, I bring millions buckets back! #scorpio vibes
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#tbt I'm so ready for my b-day 😜 #scorpio #wethebest
I wrote this on the plane earlier and didn't have a chance to post it so here it is 🙏🏼 I find this new moon quite unique, a bit different than our usual new moons. As I sit on the ...
OBVIOUSLY ITS NOT ACCURATE FOR EVERYONE! *disclaimer this is just for fun and based on the stereotypes of the signs* #dailyposts #whatsyoursign #astrology #horoscope #zodiyassss #zodiac #zodiacsigns #zodiacposts #zodiacelements #horoscopes #horoscopeposts #astrology #astrologyposts #astrologicalsigns #follow #followforfollow #tumblr #powerofthezodiac #aries #taurus ...
💯Yup That’s Definitely OnPoint💯 #octoberbaby #scorpio #october24th #scorpioseasonComingSoon Birthday Right Around The Corner
My look from yesterday. Smokey eyes with no doubt is getting my go to look💕💕. Swipe left to see👉
On eyes @sigmabeauty Smoke Screen Palette
On lips @stilacosmetics liquid lipstick in shade Dolce
Also don't forget to check a smoldering ...
🎭With only a WEEK left! come join me for the best Halloween Masquerade Party! A party you don't wanna miss. Get your tickets now. LINK IN MY BIO‼️. Bring a friend (2/$25)and Early Bird ($15) specials end TODAY Oct 20th🎭⛽️🦄🍰🍃 ...
SCORPIO November 2017 - FINANCE and ROMANCE; Listen to the Differences I am currently offering the following readings: - A VIDEO Reading via email ($40) - An EMERGENCY Reading ($80) (12-24 hours) * Please provide me with your ...
Scorpio Mid October 2017 - Who Do You Love? For questions, please email: [email protected] You can now book an appointment with me by going to: ...
There's A Reason Why I Love You! Scorpio Oct-Dec 2017 Scorpio, now there is positive energy after the storm. You've made it through the trenches and came out fighting on top. The past never left, but are they meant to ...
Scorpio Tarot Reading for October 22nd to the 28th 2017 Scorpio Tarot Reading for October 22nd to the 28th 2017. A big thank you to all my subscribers! I love you guys! This week I'll be using the Raven's Prophecy ...
Scorpio October Midmonth THEY REALLY WANT TO LOVE YOU! Come meet me in New York!! October 26-27, 2017. Tickets: If this video resonated, donations are welcome and very ...
BONUS SCORPIO Love October 2017 Soulmate Twinflame To book a private reading please contact me: [email protected] SERVICES OFFERED: *TAROT INTUITIVE GUIDANCE SESSIONS: $111, 1 Hour ...
SCORPIO NOVEMBER Horoscope - 2017 Astrology / Jupiter's Gift to Your Sign! Call for a personal one-on-one Chat with issues you are wondering about. - Speak with me or get a personalized recorded reading for ...
Scorpio Mid-October 2017 CLEARING THE AIR & HOPE RETURNS - Aquarian Insight Scorpio here are your Tarot messages for the second half of October. To book a personal reading with me visit: ...

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