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Check out my fire series lamps in the green hallway of @tylerschoolofart #mourninginmay #serigraphy
Damn last 2 came out perfectly, upped tht technique #wip #serigraphy #screenprinting
Thank you so much, Amy!

Regrann from @s_idhe - @limbsdisarm have outdone themselves with quality and kindness .. The wait for this italian post was definitly worth it. Cú approves aswel. 😁
Remembrance, screenprinting, 50 x 70 cm, 2013
It's huge, 3rd layer down. one good one one ok one with weird bleeding 3rd one was a fail 2 more with potential to be either good or bad #wip #serigraphy #screenprinting
Printmaking BFA student @klart760 helping other printmaking student print
Ja podeu comprar la vostra samarreta "Chartreuse Tarraco x Kiko" Serigrafia artesanal edició limitada.venda fins a limit d'existencies 12€. #serigraphy #design #chartreuse #santatecla
Printmaking BFA student @bhuuuuuuuuuuyyyuuu 's finished screen print edition
3 new Test Prints for #testprinttuesday
#testprint #monoprint #serigraphy #screenprinting #tacostacosbeer
If interested DM me. They are $50 +shipping.
Estamos deseando mostraros todas las novedades que hemos preparado para vosotros!...¿tenéis ganas?
Andy Warhol. "Impressió de Marilyn", 1967. Serigrafia sobre paper. The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh; Founding Collection, aportació de The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. A l'exposició "Warhol. L'art mecànic", al CaixaForum Barcelona. #warhol #andywarhol #marilyn #marilynmonroe #warholcaixaforum ...
Serigraphy Touche Method // How To A demonstration of serigraph or silk screen using the touche method. Drawing fluid is applied directly onto the screen to create the image. The same screen is ...
SERIGRAFIA (SERIGRAPHY) SPORTSMAN EX Automatic Screen Printing Press La serigrafía es una técnica de impresión empleada en el método de reproducción de documentos e imágenes sobre cualquier material, y consiste en transferir ...
Large Format Darkroom Printing and Serigraphy I had this idea of combining a darkroom print and screen printing, and that's what turned out! Portrait shot with a 4x5 large format Shen Hao camera, printed on ...
Serigraphy Session Serigraphy Session is a Creative Project for IED Milan with the purpose to illustrate the beauty of serigraphy. Is a Scholastic Project.
Ren Adams Multi-Layer Serigraphy Printmaking Demo Ren Adams is an internationally shown and published printmaker and new media artist, and is currently one of two primary printmaking instructors at New ...
How to screen print t-shirts at home (DIY method) | CharliMarieTV An in-depth explanation of how to screen print your own t-shirts talking through how to expose your screens, and how to use them. Get the PDF guide when you ...
Serigraphy - Textile print Another way of making serigraphic prints and press. This fine tool we call the merry-go-around. In the essence the same technique as used with the big machine ...

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