Shiny green beetle

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Forging A Knife With Nails! Thanks to STANCO for the wicked cool stuff. Canister damascus with nails? Got dat. New, finer, 1095 powdered steel? We got dat. Homemade sandpaper ...
Rose chafer beetle on wild carrot flowers, Cornwall coastal path. We saw so many bees, butterflies, beetles and moths, just fascinating! *
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shiny green beetle #shinygreenbeetle
Still like green 😍 found this bugger on the patio #jaroszknives #usnfollow #usnstagram #shinygreenbeetle #knivesandbugs
Everytime I find another beauty like this I get reminded how stunning the world around us is, if only we'd take the time to have a closer look
What kind of beetle is this? #shinygreenbeetle
Bearded Dragon eats huge Green flying Scarab (fig beetle) pluked out of the air. This is bandit. She is a leatherback beardie and loves these. Species of beetle is Cotinis mutabilis. They are the giant green beetle that buzz around in the ...
Green June Beetle Caught this beetle in my garden today after hearing him buzzing in my watermelon plant. Identified it as a Green June Beetle. FYI they do play dead from time to ...
Live flower beetle, green Protaetia aeruginosa, on the hand, spectacular! A flower beetle, Protaetia (cetonischema) aeruginosa, very pretty shiny green beetle, captive bred, handling
Cotinus texana (Metallic Green Fig Beetles) A Feeding Frenzy A somewhat large group of Metallic Green Fig Beetles eating over ripe apples. 7/2/16, Fillmore, CA USA.
Awesome Green Beetle 2 Another Awesome green beetle video! shot with x10 macro lens.
Shiny Green Beetle - A Natural Pretender Our son found this interesting beetle in the field. When threatened it lifts its hind legs and turns around. On its bum are two white markings that look like eyes from ...
Metallic Green Fig / June Beetle Rescued and Flys Away Found this beetle clinging upside down to a leaf in the pool. When rescued he was unresponsive and I thought dead. I placed him in a small bug house and ...
Green fruit beetles (Cotinis mutabilis) in Arizona Author: Katja Schulz License: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Description: Green fruit beetles (Cotinis mutabilis), ...
Green June Beetles - Cotinis nitida Green June Beetles - Cotinis nitida Uncle Steve is collecting these lawn pests and he tells you what he thinks drives their swarming, flying pattern and mating ...
Shiny Green Beetle in China (Anomala genus) This beetle is probably Anomala albopilosa, Anomala vitis, Anomala mongolica, or one of the species under Anomala genus that has a very shiny green color.
Metallic-green Beetle on a Thistle Shiny metallic-green beetle (Cetonia aurata?) on a thistle near Kootwijk, Caitwickerzand.

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