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Just watched #thepostmovie and WOW 💪🏼 power to the press and to the first amendment and to making our voices heard 👏🏼👏🏼
"Why him!"
It was a good question. Why not the guy with the good grades, a warm smile and perfect manners ? Why did I choose him - him with the dangerous aura and mysterious smirks and flirtatious winks? Perhaps ...
Day 20 of #booklootjan2018: Book That Wrecked You

QOTD: Have you ever been in a mood where you want to read some cry-worthy books?
If yes is your answer then I would gladly recommend #speak and #thekiterunner to tear ...
Aprovado, sim! 😍
Melhor Teacher, espero poder continuar sendo seu aluno durante o curso!
#aslan #consegui #novaetapa #speak #englesh
Maybe hearing five little words were all we needed to hear .... and let the women (and men) unite. ✊🏼
When you speak your story and then help others speak theirs, you serve at a level that not only fulfills your purpose; it gets you paid for it. 😍
Are you ready to speak your story and build your ...
#speaking out #free up your mind...
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#toronto #tdot #thepeoplesvoice #keepinitreal #truthful #speak #out #dontholdback #voice #truth #otf #freeyourmind #findus #mindful #speakyourmind #mississauga #malton
Life is beutiful
One day, one hour, one minute will not come again
In ur entire life.. Avoid #fight 👊 #angrines 😠
And #speak lovely to every person❣ 😎😎
Ec&pc : Sai Baba Bonam
#repost @adexoxox with @get_repost
Girls, ladies, sisters.
It’s time.
We can’t change how we’ve competed and compared in the past, but it’s up to us to change how we roll from here.
You see another girl who is good ...
Had the opportunity to train hundreds of fired up entrepreneurs today and yesterday in Atlanta Georgia. If what you do for work does not fire you up, you need to make some changes. If you work where you are weak, ...
Take a moment and enjoy.
Co-Host @legacy_city_03 at Food For Soul-Open Mic Night Houston @cafe4212official
Dope footage @taylorcode2
Thank you!
#foodforsoul #openmicnight #openmic #cohost #poetry #spokenword #words #speak #liveentertainment #livemusic #hiphop #comedy ...
Try to Speak Challenge | Rimorav Vlogs Watch YouTube Trending Challenge ThankYou YouTube India and Thank You Guys! Celebrating 50k plus Subscribers with Insane Challenge ! Follow RIMORAV Instagram Officialrishidev Mohenakumari...
Trump: The First President to Speak at the March for Life This is a free preview of THE MILO SHOW. The show launches this January 29 as a subscription-only daily audio and video show you can stream any time, to any device. Subscribe at http://dangerous.co...
Mother That Allowed Son To Model In H&M Ad Speak On Worldwide Backlash Terry Mango last week identified herself as the mother of the little boy from the viral H&M ad. She came out in defiance and defended the ad. She attacked those that came to the defense of...
VIDEO: Trump Becomes First President To Speak At A March For Life Rally Alex Jones presents video footage of President Trump speaking in Washington D.C. at the 45th annual March For Life Rally, fulfilling yet another one of his many campaign promises. Help us...
Family Of Bride Who Died Within Hours Of Her Wedding Speak Out | TODAY David and Heather Mosher were married in a Connecticut hospital last month, and Heather died of breast cancer just 18 hours later. Their love was captured in a wedding photo that has gone viral....
Chris Broussard on tension between NBA players and refs | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock and Jason McIntyre to talk about the NBA. Hear his thoughts on Russell Westbrook, Lonzo Ball and more. ▻Watch the latest content from...

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