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This is Kathy. She doesn’t have IG or Facebook. She may never see this post. But she is worth all the hearts, likes, and love of the most Insta-famous folks on your feeds.❤️Kathy worked alongside me for seven years in ...
Of course there's a sequel ;)


When two souls connect like magnets,
there is always something significant to be drawn upon.

So pay attention.
Give what you can.
Take what you need.
Then leave it be.

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My wish for you ❄️
The heart is a fickle thing
#thankyou @monicaspassport for the trust in my #writing & #nature will always answer questions if you listen
I looked to the
Glory of the Mountain
And asked for Mercy
From past
And the whisper
From the ...
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Illustrations from internet
This emptiness. ⚫️
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Jealousy 🔲🐸
Eyeing your recent advances,
I prepared myself to seek my chances.
Large part of me saw you as same.
Small part of me ...
Distinct - Spilled Ink (rough copy 1) First release (recorded on a phone so I know the audio is louder than my voice). Take it for what it is, I suppose.
Do Not Pass Go full performance, Live at Spilled ink Thanks so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, the greatest compliment you could give would be to share it with your friends and family. If you wanna check out some other cool videos,...
Flowers - Spilled ink Make of this one what you will aha! Let me know in the comments below what you think it's about! I'm always curious to know your interpretation! Thank you so much for watching! If you do like...
Honour Crest - Spilled Ink (2013) Full Album 00:00 1.Spilled Ink 04:29 2.Djentle 09:04 3.Origin 13:34 4.Glaciers 17:55 5.Bridges 22:30 6.In Irons 23:38 7.Mountains 27:50 8.Allergen 31:52 9.Eclipse 35:55 10.The Further 39:43 11.Undertow.
Spilled Ink Studios Welcome to Spilled Ink Studios we are a team here in California that makes Stop motion Visit our Second channel Brick Bratz. NEW VIDEOS EVERY SUNDAY!!!!

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