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It's been awhile..
Back with another one. Titled "Buried". #poet #poems #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #poetry #poetryporn #poetrycommunity #writing #writer #writersofinstagram #writingcommunity #spilledink #pain #quotes #dark #darkpoetry #poemsbysindy #sindypickler
#californiagirl 💋💋💋
I want to talk about it,
Till my tongue runs dry.
Until it becomes less real
Then I won't remember how I feel

Though it's hard not to nowadays,
When the sadness lives inside my eyes
Though the days ...
KARMA (continued in caption)

I've crawled a million miles
On my bloodied hands and knees
I've prayed for absolution
I've begged for sweet realease
I knew this day would come
When you'd betray yourself freely
And now I'm certain that ...
( Please read the caption)
Have you ever asked your brother/sister for sharing their chips/cold drinks??Asking for money ???? Ans is'' yes '' Everytime. That time you were not begger!!! Then why you called these kids begger . They are ...
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