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It's been a while since I've had rock oolong but the smell coming off this instantly reminded me of the rock oolongs I've had from a local shop. And the taste reminiscent of same. Second steep ...
Experience all the benefits of a 20-30 minute “squeeze” with NormaTec Compression Boots! Come over and work or watch TV in our lounge!
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Remember to prioritize movement, not just the concept of “exercise.” Even on days you don’t get a workout in, be sure you take a walk, stretch, stand, or dance. Your body was meant to move, so enjoy it!
What we do at 5am! @f3rockhill Normally we put in 6+ miles but with #palmetto200 just a few days away we ran 4.6 and mixed in some stretch stations along the way. Keeping it easy and loose! #getafterit
Today I'm drinking a very special gift from my friend Ania who moved to Australia. She sent me some eucalyptus leaves for brewing which I never tried before 🍃
I did full ten step tasting. Brewing one big leaf ...
Mercury will be officially in retrograde on Thursday, March 22nd. Getn those damn taxes done so I can relax during this wildly impulsive and unpredictable time.
6 Months of @ronny_racing69 mayhem in Asia 🎉🎉 watch the highlight video now! Link in the ronnys’ profile 🤘🏻#looseriders #ronnyracing #looseridersglobalalliance #lrga #cultofshred #mtb #stayloose #sendit #yolo
This Tipple Twister is addictive. Let's have another brew! .
What's your Monday pick me up?
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Get ready for the @tuscaloosahalf marathon this Saturday! Here’s a quick tip from EW’s @jesse_douglas22 on how to decrease knee and hip pain. #birminghamtrainer #birminghamfitness #marathontraining #repost @tuscaloosahalf with @get_repost
By this point, everyone is probably wrapping up their ...
I had the great pleasure to taste the Rou puerh from Yiwu. It makes me wanting for the other three samples!
J'ai eu le grand plaisir de déguster le puer Rou du Yiwu. Ça me met en appétit pour les ...
Difference between the leaves after cold brewing them with snow and brewing in hot, freshly boiled water. Of course bright olive green is after hot water and darker, not open leaves are after snow brew ❄️
Tea is the ...
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Rehydrate N Roll - You can use it to both warm up pre-round and hydrate mid-round!
#ecofriendly #stayloose #rollerbottle 🤸‍♂️🏌️‍♀️
By this point, everyone is probably wrapping up their last long run before #thm18 - WooHoo! Be sure to use this video fueled by @ewmotiontherapy to improve ankle mobility and ensure that you're feeling great to take on 13.1 with ...
Busy doing my home work 🍵 Tasting 3 green teas and eating peanut butter sandwiches 🥜
Which tea fits best? 🌱
During this tasting session I would say Naked Spring @mei_leaf is the winner. The flavor of the tea remains ...
Snow brew ❄️ vs hot water 🔥 comparison.
Tea I used in experiment was Pudding Announcer from Mei Leaf @mei_leaf which is a 150 year old trees Xigui Sheng Pu Erh picked in spring 2017 🌱
Snow brew ...
Stay Loose: Natural Movements for Mobility & Stretching This is an intermediate 30-minute movement practice session focused on mobility and stretching. No equipment necessary. A great practice for opening tight hips and alleviating back tension....
Ron Sexsmith - Stay Loose (Gordon Lightfoot cover) From the compilation "Covered in Gold 5.0, Side A".
Ron Sexsmith talks about covering Gordon Lightfoot's "Stay Loose" Ron Sexsmith discusses his cover of Gordon Lightfoot's "Stay Loose", from Warner Music Canada's 50th Anniversary compilation "Covered In Gold 5.0"
Belle & Sebastian - Stay Loose (Boston, MA) Belle & Sebastian perform Stay Loose, from their album Dear Catastrophe Waitress, during their Aug. 2, 2017 show at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston, MA.
Jimmy Smith - Stay Loose (Jimmy Sings Again Full Album) I do not own copyright of the songs. Copyright belongs to artists and company. Vinyl rip from the original album (1965) JIMMY SMITH : organ, vocals JEROME RITCHARDSON : tenor sax PEPPER ADAMS...
Sound Remedy - Stay Loose Such a chill track, go show Sound Remedy some love! If you liked this song, Please go support the creator: Soundcloud: Sound Remedy YouTube: soundremedymusic (link to his video): https://www.yout...
Stay Loose A Special Thank You To: lith'li, Steven Lam, Austin Strand, Ben Fedorov, Tyler Samsel, Reuben Doetsch, Draden Gillespie, Zack Savino, Nicholas LoCicero, Brad Newland, Devon Romanowski, Bradley...
Tennis Forehand Technique - How To Stay Loose Like Roger Federer Tennis forehand technique, how to stay loose like Roger Federer. In this video, LTA Senior Performance coach Simon Konov of Top Tennis Training...
Swing Key - Stay Loose WAGGLE AND STAY LOOSE - PGA Professional Robin Symes explains a simple swing key to stay loose, relax you muscles, and swing freely. Transcript Hi Robin here. Here's a key swing thought for...
Broncho - Stay Loose (On The Boat) Explore On The Boat: Made possible by Squarespace: On The Boat was made possible with support from Squarespace. Build your next website in...

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