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God’s Green Crack by Eden Farms is a cross between God Bud and Green Crack.This strain produces beautiful purple buds in colder climates. God’s Green Crack is known for a balanced amount of Sativa and Indica effects. Good for day ...
Bong Of the week!!! Tiny sista by #roorglass These bongs will stand the test of time!
Taste the Rainbow 🌈.
Art by @herbneats
Lmaoo I can't stop laughing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Follow πŸ‘‰ @igweedhumor
4/20/2017 NATIONAL STONER DAY! OUTSIDE NATURE SMOKE SESH National Stoner day yunno, but its 4/20 every day for me! Thank you for taking the time to join and smoke with me! Content for Medical Patients & 18+ www.
Uncle Stoner Day at DHG live glass blowing for Uncle Stoner rig 1st rig being made in a newly Recreational state.
STONER DAY - Kurzfilm - By PoinK "Stoner Day" ein Kurz-Film basierend, auf einem POV "Kiffer Altag".

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