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Nottingham, 2018.
A will finds a way. What motivates you to overcome your challenges? (I have nothing but love for the city of San Francisco)
C: Sony A7RIII
L: 24-105F4
A: F16
F: 70mm
S: 13sec
I: 250
S: on @3leggedthing ...
« Il est des moments où i faut choisir entre vivre sa propre vie


traîner l’existence
dégradante, creuse et fausse
que le monde,
dans son hypocrisie,
nous impose. »


Lieu : @pbalille
Modèle : @laurinedvnn .
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It always seems impossible until it's done.
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You can turn your back to what you love so as not to look at it anymore, the eyes can only look forward. The sound of your heartbeat, however, would still be heard behind you, an annoying reminder that you ...
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Весна опять пришла, и лучики тепла доверчиво глядят в моё окно. Опять защемит грудь, и в душу влезет грусть, по память пойдёт со мной....
Вот такой репертуарчик. .
Пока соотечественники выбирали себе старого президента, а мой коптер возвращался от мельницы со вчерашней фотографии, я, стоя по колено в снегу, поснимал немножко красоты. Это 450мм, 1,5 км удаления, если кому-то интересно.
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Italy was incredible!!
Some amazing weather the first days but then it got all moody, that's how this picture of the @audi beast came along 🔥
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I would like to take the time to thank @visitclarksvilletn again for allowing me to be an Insta-Guest for a day. I'm truly grateful for the experience and support, especially being that I was only a visitor and not a ...
a couple snapshots from my week in Winnemucca, NV
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love blooms during golden hour

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