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This poor guy has been having seizures for a few days and the vet didn't have much of an answer this morning. He's started anticonvulsants for now, but we're kind of just exploring options right now. Oh, and he'll be ...
And if you can't find the sunshine, put on some #sunglasses and BE the sunshine!
So tell me, in this hot, hot summer heat would you rather grab some cold and crisp fresh berries or a nice cold ice cream? I'm kinda partial to ice cream, myself!
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I've been struggling to maintain any sense of motivation lately, but once glance at my son is a great kick in the butt. I need to hustle now so I can take care of him forever. 💙
Do you ever come across a song that speaks to you in a way that you know it's going to apply itself to your life in some sort? I love the song Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay. I ended ...
What's your favorite #summerfood? I love a cold, sweet #watermelon on a hot day.
Who else loves popping these little green things!? I spent yesterday with my dolly showing her the fun you can find in nature!
Anyone know what this plant is called? They look like mini-pitcher like plants!
Unless you've been living under a rock, you know today is a #solareclipse. Instead of freaking out over the possible dangers, #eatchocolate!
It's Maxi week! All orders including a Maxi skirt will get free shipping. Want a featured outfit? Grab the whole outfit and you'll score a bonus surprise with your order!
Here in upstate NY we are expected to see 70% coverage. We are going to be watching to catch the awesomeness in it's entirety. No eclipse glasses needed! Share your location and what coverage you're expected to see in ...
My #husband is my #biggestsupporter. There's nothing better than a man who encourages his woman to follow her #dreams. Who is your biggest fan?
Cheering on your kiddos or your favorite team just got better. Customize your living locket and support your favorites!
Make a #splash wherever you go!
#style is a way to show people who you are without even speaking. Let your fabulous #nails tell the story. Ask me for a free Jamberry sample, we have designs for every personality.
@quirkyblogger knows what she's talking about. #karma #dontbeabitch #meandmyicing
Whats your style? Im totally #6. Ive got jewelry for every style and its only $5! we're parting it up on Facebook tonight!! Link in bio 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
#socialmediamom #momboss #empowersocial #betheboss #arkansas #getgood #bebrave #paparazziaccessories #networkmarketing #thinksocial ...
The grandkids were just here for a visit and we were able to do a family photo! This picture Thrills my heart!
#ilovemyfamily #praisethelord #familyphotography #summercolors
It's not always easy to keep your head up when you aren't seeing the big things happen but you need to trust that the downtime is also a part of the story. It's like planting a seed that hasn't yet ...
Yes, I'm making a playlist! 😂
Make a decision to choose #love and deny hate.

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