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Clear waters of the Skagit River supplied by the snowpack and glaciers in the surrounding Cascades
Today's rain is a reminder: it's almost Tulip Time๐ŸŒท
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Nevada Falls (top) and Vernal Falls (bottom) as seen from Glacier Point in May of 2016.
Exploring the Coast
Day 104: โ€œIt's a break down at the wrong time / I'm catching up but I'm still behindโ€
Shout out to this random stranger for bringing some interest to the foreground of this shot ;P
This place has me day dreaming โœจ
This burl growing on an old growth tree looks like an old man with a beard. Hair covering the eyes. Is that Mick Dodge? Perhaps it's just me.
โ€˜Twas a moist one today.
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Orca chasing salmon under the boat. This encounter with J27 aka Blackberry was a once in a lifetime for our guests on board with Capt. Tom. This encounter lasted for almost 5 mins and Tom was able to capture a moment of the chase...
BTS (BangtanBoys) - Spring Day Piano Ver. Hardini S.A BTS SpringDay Piano Ver. Hardini S.A Instagram = @hrdnsa #bangtanboys #bts #bendoregon #oregon #centraloregon #visitbend #jj_oregon #theoutbound #theNWadventure #wildernessculture #cascadiexplore...
Midsummer Galdrhymn During the return trip from Midsummer at NewGrange, the NW Adventure Team at the suggestion from Mathias Bess, performed, "Tils Dagen Gryr." It is an old Swedish hymn. The name translates...
Hopworks - Nonstop Hef Hop. It's play time. Keep your edge. Nonstop Hef Hopโ€”brewed by Hopworks in Portland, Oregonโ€”is a low-alcohol, dry-hopped American-Style wheat beer. - The beverage choice for the NW adventure lifestyle - Made with organic...
4-2 SBCT Soldiers aid in Trees for Troops Program Soldiers from 4-2 SBCT help families of Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA by unloading and loading trees for the Trees for Troops program at the NW Adventure Center.
Nw Adventure Rider Dancing The Nw Adventure Rider swinging his ass for the camera. This is totally rare footage, ya know like big foot or something.
Nw Adventure Rider gets a flat tire The Nw Adventure Rider gets a flat tire while riding down highway 12 West to meet our friend Holbrook. This happened 21 miles into a 500 mile trip around the Highway 101 loop.The tube split...
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Mad Hat Tea Tea place in downtown Tacoma.

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