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Hope you having a wonderful Sunday guys. Just a quick reminder again we do not post for likes we post because we want people to see how beautiful tiling is and in between that is to pass on a bit ...
Nice little fireplace this morn. 1930,s house going for the rugged old look. Like it. #tiling #porcelain #tilesetter #chester
Beautiful custom made shower done by @lftpro team with Peygran Leveling System - world's most sttongest, innovative and complete clip and wedge system for lippage free and perfect tile and stone installation for both Professionals and DIYs.
Great job Guys

"Coragem as vezes é desapego. É parar de se esticar em vão, para trazer a linha de volta.
É aceitar doer inteiro,até florir de novo." Caio Fernando Abreu.... #deontem#deubom#apenasonecessario#segueobaile#tiling...
Definitely not as easy as it looks! I’ll let a professional do the kitchen haha #tiling #bathroom
Death by grouting 😩
I swear this floor's going to end me, but it's defo worth the blood, sweat, tears, blisters and broken nails!! J'adore ma floor!! ❤️ #projecthallway #pebblefloor #stonefloor #mosaic #pebble #stone #marble #marblemosaic #diy #sunday #tiling #grouting ...
Hallway and landing all finished off with new banisters,architrave,skirting boards and a new boiler cupboard door👌🏻there happy with the work😊and want me back to fit a new front door and tile the down stairs hall and toilet 😁👍🏻 #joinery#carpentry#tiling
Happy Sunday! Floor now is ready to grout 😁😁👋
5 Essential Tools for Tiling (Quick Tips) -- by Home Repair Tutor These 5 tile installation tools can make a huge difference. This video shares some of the ones we like best. I'm going to cut to the chase, here are the tools 1.
How to tile a bathroom/shower floor, beginners guide.Tiling made easy for DIY enthusiasts! How to tile and grout a bathroom floor. Beginners guide/tutorial for the DIY enthusiast. Including application of adhesive, grout and cutting. The tools, the method, ...
How to tile a bathroom/shower wall, a beginners guide. Tiling made easy for the DIY... How to tile and grout a bathroom wall. Beginners guide/tutorial for the DIY enthusiast. Including application of adhesive, grout, edging strip and cutting. The tools ...
Tiling Tips and Techniques for Bathroom Remodeling (Quick Tips) -- by Home Repair Tutor Tile can look amazing...or like crap. I'm not a tiling guru, most people aren't. But what you'll learn from this video will save you time and make your tiling project ...
UK Pro tiling training Large floor tiling with clip levelling system taught at UK pro tiling training. visit www.uktradestraining.co.uk.
Bathroom Renovation 6.0 | Tiling Walls We threw ourselves in the deep end with the tiling. We had only done tiling a handful of times and not full walls however I think we did a pretty good job and once ...
AB Tiling - victorian style outside tiles TIME LAPSE For more information or to enquire about prices please call 07871810621 or go to www.abtilingbusiness.co.uk.
How to Tile a Splashback: DIY Tiling Made Easy Beaumont Tiles and Kyal & Kara from The Block Fans vs. Faves show you how to DIY tile a kitchen splashback. Download and print the step-by-step PDF guide ...

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