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77% block & spell block Sunder Gladiator with bleed Explosions 77% block & spell block Sunder Gladiator with bleedExplosions Soul taker + Bringer of Rain + Hemophilia gloves.
[2.6] Legacy Gladiator Sunder Legacy league 2.6 lvl 95 Gladiator - legacy bor, soultaker 396, meginord +1, voidheart name: ...
2.5 - T11 Shaped Strand Rotations - Low Life Chaos WanderFinder - DeMi (ft. saltycroissant) this was early on while making the character. i went ci because low life didn't make sense. build guide on my channel.
[Path of Exile 2.4] Blade Flurry Varunastra Build - Atziri Test Just a test with a Assassin build using Varunastra. Insane damage! Skill Tree:
Path of Exile 2.4.3: Shaper Deletion (Blade Flurry, 100% crit/poison/bleed) Build Guide: Assassin Shadow build with Blade Flurry. It's 100% crit with poison and bleed. It produces ...
4K Path of Exile 2.4 Atziri Apex of Sacrifice Umbra&Soup Dual Striker Atziri Leech Tank... Band: Obscura Album: Cosmogenesis Song: How Could I? Path of Exile 2.4 Atziri, Apex of Sacrifice [Umbra&Soup] Dual Striker Atziri Leech Tank Voidheart ...
Varunastra Spectral Throw Deadeye [2.4] | Path of Exile: Atlas of Worlds "Painful suicide in the hands of a fool, Creative death in the hands of a master." - Icius Perandus, Antiquities Collection, Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set ...
Voidheart Poisoncyclone Assassin [2.4] | Path of Exile: Atlas of Worlds This week i´m featuring yet another critbased melee build, this time using cyclone as a main skill to apply poisen stacks with the unique Voidheart Iron Ring.
Lvl 88 EQ/Voidheart Juggernaut on Springs (Path of Exile) 6.2k life, perma-fortify, 3.2k armour, 8 end charges 26k min. dps / ~67k dps with blood rage & flasks, all hits poison and bleed (Kongor's/Voidheart/Ming's heart) ...
PoE Duelist Max Block Build Showcasing the trigger on block skills vengeance and reckoning. Build is from the player mas_mariano in PoE forums.
Duelist Shield Charge - Voidheart, Facebreaker - POE 2.5 Build post : Bandits Normal: 40 life (Oak) Cruel: +16% phys damage (Oak) Merciless: Frenzy charge (Kraityn) Skilltree lv 90: ...
day 9, 10, 11: ci earthquake varunastra, closing thoughts played 5 days 5 hours 27 minutes /deaths 18 build is ok. not the best. probably falls in top 6 or so. -- Watch live at
Max Block 78/78 BoR Varunastra EQ Gorge Run Clear time is approx 3:51 here. Not a speed run by any means, this is my normal mapping set up and this was the first take. I want this to be an accurate example ...

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