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Another look at the amazing sunrise we experienced in early Oct. This is a tighter shot of Bellevue and the mountains than the prior post.
Tech Talk: 1/20 sec at f/4.5, ISO 200; 62mm (Oly M.40-150mm).
#happytrailz #harte_ace ...
A perseid streaking by the Dorion Tower and the milky way in the heart of canyon country.
The best camera to use is the one in your hand. I didn’t have my camera with me so I used my iPhone 6s. It was too pretty not to try to capture this moment.
No hubo trucos.
Simplemente, nuestros ojos coincidieron en el momento perfecto💖
Hoy tengo mucho dolor, dolor del alma,dolor de ver cómo acaban con seres humanos, con toda la naturaleza, la fauna, las casas, tus recuerdos, tú vida... y ...
"Existe uma coisa pior que o inimigo: o invejoso. Porque o invejoso não quer ter o mesmo que você tem, ele quer o seu.”
📅 October 16, 2017.
🌎 São Lourenço do Sul / RS - Brazil.
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Prove di autunno a Canfaito
Monarch Monday: Autumnal Edition


#197 of 365 for #365project
Early morning, which I don't see many of those 😄 went on a search for some monarch butterflies. I was admiring the changing of the leaves, when I looked closer ...
Dia de sol ☀️
✨ Nicobar Pigeon, Australia ✨

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This morning i had awesome instameet. It was done in the woods with the dancing trees. A very cool place to meet some great people and also the weather was perfect. Sun, fog and a forest. And share that with ...
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