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Instant dreams. What?! You don’t have recurring dreams of fantastic milk tea? Weird...
We have some beautiful pomegranates in the shop right now.
So fresh and so green, green. Fresh Wednesday’s.
We think you might be ready for this jelly.
Trick or treat?! We have a frighteningly good deal on Samyang’s Spicy Chicken ramen. But, when you dive into that spicy, will you end up screaming?
Kokuho 15lb. $8.95. Woah.
[insert super corny post about newly slashed prices]. Also, we have no employees named Jason, so you’re good here. #fridaythe13th
Bring back that summer feelin...
Cold weather got you needing a pho fix? We have a new broth concentrate in our freezers. #noodletime
A journey of a thousand ramens begins with a single slurp. - ancient college proverb
Fresh Wednesday.
Oh! Cool kid teas are back! Can you hang with them? We have grapefruit green tea, peach oolong, and rose lychee black tea.
Kiss Burn snacks are back!
We still have some mooncakes in stock, but we also have several new pastes for you DIY-folks. We also have salted duck yolks in the cooler.
Synear Vegetable dumplings are on promotional sale now. If you have never tried these, they are quite good!
Duck, duck, duck, duck, pork.
These spicy elephant yam snacks are just what you need to kick start the weekend.
Unif Milk Tea and Green Milk tea drinks are back in stock.
Fresh Wednesday!
Finding a new spice fix feels kinda like Christmas.
The Chinese association of Northwest Arkansas will be hosting a 2017 moon festival celebration on Saturday, Sept. 30, in Fayetteville. They will have traditional Chinese music, dance and more, followed by delicious Chinese food. Check it out!
We get new stuff in the shop almost every day. If we don't have your favorite thing or that one thing you need, just ask! We may have forgotten to order it, it may be back ordered, or it might ...
Kinda makes you wish social media was scratch-n-sniff.
These Pangtoa cookies and cream ice cream sandwiches are pillows of joy in your mouth.
Power is back on, baby!
We are currently without power - as well as most of our area of the street. Unfortunately, this may not be repaired until 5, but they are working on it now. We will be closed until power is restored. We'll ...
Pocari and Milkis are back??! Good day!
Bon Chili is back!

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