GooGoo Atkins | @theegoogoo

My sis is taking such good care of me. So glad we FINALLY got our time in 😘😘 @angelsonshine
#hathair 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Teaching these British kids @angelsonshine @obs22 TUH!
Behave hear!
#karllagerfeld which one guys????
Like our House of Representatives.... cool 👌🏾
Someone said "you look sexy in that 'robe' " bless his heart, I'll take it! 😘#london #robe aka #duster or #kimono
Yep even while having fun in London... no place is safe! 💪🏾
Dan the magician 🎩😱
Yesterdaaaaaaaaay #bigchurchdayout #marymarys6
And just hours later I'm up and at em! #marymarys6 they say the third time's the charm and this visit has been very charming! #london again
Ok goodnight London 💋
My little godsis and poo @thefashnjunke is in Baltimore CLOWNIN you hea me??!!! Yaaaaaas hip and slight pucker 💋... Mo, don't mean to rain on your parade but don't do nothing I wouldn't do k. 😘
Headed to a traditional Nigerian wedding 👰🏾
My goddaughter looks adorable! 😘😘 wayment who put that makeup on you??? If you going somewhere with a boy I need his parents 1st and last name, his 1st and last, social and license plate number k. I love you ...
@chrystalrucker in @i_am_centerstage looking so bomb!!!! #letgoodressyou
@obs22 @yomiade me @itstreenz @angelsonshine @niknakzz1 teaching me how to dance to #afrobeats #london chile this aint nudd'n but muted twerkin!

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