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A bit of the last two days, dressage and jumping 🏅🐎 there's a first time for everything ☺️ and I'm proud for taking the challenge! #ridingcompetition #horsejumping #dressage
George 🏅🦄💜
✨Unicorn Land 🦄 ✨
I genuinely feared this moment for so long, but I did it 🙈☺️😍 my very first jump 🦄 and it's such a rewarding feeling! #horsejumping
Arabian Beauty ❤️🐴
Deep talk 🐶☀️🏜
There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse ❤️ George 🦄
رمضان كريم 🌙⭐️ Happy Ramadan
Proud of us ❤️ we competed together for the first time 🦄🏅 A true special soul ✨ #george #dressage
Believe you can and you will ❤️
Find yourself an escape ❤️ this is mine 🐎
What a beauty 🐔🐓 I have just witnessed a chicken lay an egg for the first time and it blew my mind off 🙈☺️ I just love the farm life ❣️
It just got cuter, and I became more curious about what interested them 👵🏽👴🏽 they were looking over a small stream of water 💕
Their walk didn't just stop there... 👣❤️
Lovers through thick and thin ❤️ till death does them part ⌛️👵🏽👴🏽
Life's a tough journey, ups and downs, but with every downhill an uphill will lift you ❤️ it's the cycle of life... she made her way through all my knuckles and flew off ☺️🐞🍃 #photography #ladybug
But how far are we willing to go? 🐞 #life #journey
She didn't mind the bridge and I was curious to see how far she'll go 🐞❤️ #photography #ladybug
Calm and still while I took a few shots 🕊 have you ever connected with an animal and felt it was looking you in the eye and wondered what he/she was thinking 💭 this colorful pigeon had a scary stare! ...
You asked for more and she's enjoying it ☺️💟 Fatoom asked for some fitness exercises which turned into some fun 🙈 She's A true blessing to our family and she can make anyone happy, that's a true gift 🙌🏽✨
In her own words Maya Angelou once said: “You see, love liberates. It doesn’t bind,” Angelou said. “Love says, I love you. I love you if you’re in China, I love you if you’re across town, I love you if ...
Or sometimes a little life on it can also exist ✨wild mushrooms are extraordinary, and unpredictable; they can be friendly and harmless or deadly and poisonous... just like humans! Thoughts 💭
.#photography #wildmushrooms
Into the unknown 🍃 A tree as big as this has a lot of stories to tell. Why trees? Because the bigger the tree, the more I wonder what it has gone through, or what it has witnessed over the ...
Today I will start with this photo: Parks are my escape 🌳 I loved going to the park listening to music, reading a book and more often taking pictures. I get lost in my thoughts. The way I take my ...
There was a time where photography meant everything to me. I thought I wanted to grow into becoming a great photographer, little did I know I was even more interested in moving visuals than stills 📽🎞📸 to me every picture ...
They mean everything to me ❤️ they made me love talk shows, and the importance of spreading love and kindness ❣️❤️ #oprah #ellen

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