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All preorders are officially out the door and on the way!!!
Day 2 of #slgc17 has begun! Come check out booth 812 for your sword shaped key! #saltlakegamingcon @slgamingcon #nerdykeys #zelda #zeldakeys #swordkeys #keys #swords
Hanging out today at Salt Lake Gaming Con! If you're at the con, come say hi at booth 812!
This month, our Golden Ticket winner will be the proud owner of both The Boss Key and an accompanying door mat! Simply order anything from and hold on to the ticket that comes with your order - winner announced ...
From now through June 18th, use the discount code FATHER17 to receive 25% off your next purchase!
WARNING! Early owners of The Boss Key have noted that sometimes, large bosses appear on the other side of the door they are unlocking. If this occurs, DO NOT ENGAGE! CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY FOR A REFUND!!! For those up for ...
The Revenge of the Fifth has arrived! Due to high demand, the Cross-Guard Starsaber promo will continue for one more day! Until midnight tonight, all purchases of $20 or more will receive a free cross-guard starsaber! Simply go to, ...
MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU! Today only, receive a FREE Cross-Guard Starsaber with purchases of $20 or more! Simply go to, add any keys you'd like to your cart (you DO NOT need to add the Starsaber to ...
The reveal of our newest brand new design is here! The Blade of Ares is available for pre-order now at #thekeyarmory #godofwar #ares #bladeofares
And, of course, some darkness to balance the light. The Key of Darkness is available for pre-order now at
Kingdom Hearts fans rejoice! Two more keyblades are heading your way! The Key of Light is available now for pre-order at
Harry Potter fans watch out! The Sword of the Wizard is available for pre-order now at
Ready to beat some bosses? We are excited to unveil The Boss Key - pre-order it now at
Did you know the STL download file for our Official Display is available on our website for just $1.99? Display your key with pride!
Join us in celebrating the release of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix with the discount code KH-HD for 20% off your order! #kingdomhearts #keyblade #swordkeys #nerdykeys #keyarmory #thekeyarmory
We are at FanX today and tomorrow in Salt Lake City! Stop by booth # Peach 1 to say hi if you're here!!!
Thank you to everyone who helped contribute to The Key Armory: Part II on Kickstarter! It was a tremendous success, and we can't wait to start working towards mass production and fulfillment! For those who may have missed the Kickstarter ...
For our God of War fans, two keys can be used together to form the Chained Blades of Ares. When two keys are purchased, you'll also receive a chain to bind your keys together on your keyring - free of ...
FOR OUR FRIENDS IN THE UK: We are excited to announce that The Hero's Sword, our most popular key, is now available through our Kickstarter campaign as a Yale Y11 key way! To pre-order this key, pledge for 1 key ...
Our final stretch goal design has been chosen! The Blade of Ares is inspired by the Blade of Chaos from God of War!
No, we didn't forget! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!
We are excited to announce our fourth Stretch Goal design, the Key of Darkness! Thank you to all who voted! #kingdomhearts #keyblade #keyofdarkness #oblivion #swordkeys #swordshapedkeys #keyarmory #thekeyarmory #nerdykeys #sora #riku
We are excited to announce the THIRD Kickstarter Stretch Goal design, the Sword of the Wizard. This design is, of course, inspired by the Sword of Gryffindor from the Harry Potter series! While this is the most intricate design we've ...
We are extremely excited to announce the newest addition to the Key Armory family. Pre-order this key, among others, by backing our Kickstarter campaign at #thekeyarmory #keyarmory #kingdomhearts #keyblade #oathkeeper #sora #roxas #nerdykeys #keys #swordshapedkeys #swordkeys
We are excited to announce the newest addition to our lineup of keys! Check back in tomorrow for a link to start voting for our NEXT design! #zelda #legendofzelda #bosskey #nerdykeys #swordkeys #keyarmory #thekeyarmory
Our #kickstarter #backers can now #vote for our next #design! Find a link to vote in our newest update (backers only - pledge to start voting today):
The Key Armory was just featured on @gizmodo - check it out here: #replies" rel="nofollow">
The Key Armory: Part II is now LIVE on #kickstarter! Back the project at to snag one of our five BRAND NEW designs and help us unlock even more future keys! #nerdykeys #swordkeys #thekeyarmory #finalfantasy #finalfantasy7 #xenobladechronicles #monado #bustersword ...
Let's highlight our final design before our #kickstarter launch tomorrow morning! The Blade of ALfheim is inspired by the #elucidator, as seen in #swordartonline. Pre-order the Blade of ALfheim tomorrow when we go live on Kickstarter! #sao #nerdykeys #swordkeys

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