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We are here at @saltlakecomiccon selling our #swordkeys! Come say hi at booth Beige 71! #saltlakecomiccon #comiccon
This week is TOLKIEN WEEK - remembering both the author and the stories we love! From now until September 23rd, The Halfling's Blade & King's Blade Combo is available for just $15.99! Get the combo here >>>

We're still celebrating 20 years of Final Fantasy 7! The Fantasy Combo, including 2 epic swords from Final Fantasy, is available this week for just $15.99! Use the discount code FINALFANTASY20 for free shipping! Order now >>>

In the epilogue of the final Harry Potter book, Harry sends his youngest son, Albus Severus Potter, off to Hogwarts for the first time. This day took place 19 years after the defeat of Voldemort, a day that fans have ...
We've been graced with 24 years of Power Rangers! Help us celebrate with the Legacy Blade, a LIMITED EDITION key that will only be made once!

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This week, use the discount code MAKE-ME-LEGENDARY to receive the Legendary Combo, containing the three keys in the image below, for just $21.99! Order now >>>

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Repost from @gamblemade - what have you done to your keys to give them a bit of your own personality???
We are excited to announce The "Classics" Combo - 3 keys inspired by television's greatest shows! Order your classic keys today at

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Help us celebrate the return of Game of Thrones! Purchase $20 or more at and receive a FREE Blade of the Direwolf key! Also, check out this photo of the father of Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin, ...
All preorders are officially out the door and on the way!!!
Day 2 of #slgc17 has begun! Come check out booth 812 for your sword shaped key! #saltlakegamingcon @slgamingcon #nerdykeys #zelda #zeldakeys #swordkeys #keys #swords
Hanging out today at Salt Lake Gaming Con! If you're at the con, come say hi at booth 812!
This month, our Golden Ticket winner will be the proud owner of both The Boss Key and an accompanying door mat! Simply order anything from and hold on to the ticket that comes with your order - winner announced ...
The reveal of our newest brand new design is here! The Blade of Ares is available for pre-order now at #thekeyarmory #godofwar #ares #bladeofares
And, of course, some darkness to balance the light. The Key of Darkness is available for pre-order now at
Kingdom Hearts fans rejoice! Two more keyblades are heading your way! The Key of Light is available now for pre-order at
Harry Potter fans watch out! The Sword of the Wizard is available for pre-order now at
Ready to beat some bosses? We are excited to unveil The Boss Key - pre-order it now at
Did you know the STL download file for our Official Display is available on our website for just $1.99? Display your key with pride!
We are at FanX today and tomorrow in Salt Lake City! Stop by booth # Peach 1 to say hi if you're here!!!
FOR OUR FRIENDS IN THE UK: We are excited to announce that The Hero's Sword, our most popular key, is now available through our Kickstarter campaign as a Yale Y11 key way! To pre-order this key, pledge for 1 key ...
No, we didn't forget! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!
The Key Armory was just featured on @gizmodo - check it out here: #replies" rel="nofollow">
The Key Armory: Part II is now LIVE on #kickstarter! Back the project at to snag one of our five BRAND NEW designs and help us unlock even more future keys! #nerdykeys #swordkeys #thekeyarmory #finalfantasy #finalfantasy7 #xenobladechronicles #monado #bustersword ...
Let's highlight our final design before our #kickstarter launch tomorrow morning! The Blade of ALfheim is inspired by the #elucidator, as seen in #swordartonline. Pre-order the Blade of ALfheim tomorrow when we go live on Kickstarter! #sao #nerdykeys #swordkeys
We are less than 24 hours away from our new Kickstarter campaign - let's take a moment to take a closer look at #design #4: The Defender of the Universe. This key was inspired by the Blazing Sword in Voltron! ...
Let's take a closer look at our most requested sword since our initial ten designs were released - The Power Sword. This legendary blade was wielded by the one and only He-Man in the acclaimed Masters of the Universe! Pre-order ...
Let's take a better look at The Sword of Foresight, inspired by the Monado, which is wielded by Shulk in Xenoblade Chronicles. This sword's unique design is engraved with a Chinese character for a unique ability called Buster which deals ...
Brian is interviewing for our new video! He's doing awesome!
Working on our video for The Key Armory: Part II! Coming to #kickstarter on January 16th, 2017!

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