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Hearing more of terms like 'slow fashion' or 'slow food'? We investigate the slow movement on Our Notebook. Read from our link in profile.
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"Vivre en simplicité" is French for "live in simplicity." Simplicity remains when all unnecessaries have been taken away. Life is as simple as you choose it to be.
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Breathe, perfectly imperfect, patience, grit, live lightly, joie de vivre. Every reminder created starts with you in mind. Drop us a message if there's a message you'd like to see.
Feel guilty whenever you say ‘no’? We share 5 secrets from an expert who helps to cure 'people-pleasing' on Our Notebook. Read at
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“Social media has a knack for caricaturising yoga as something only for those who look a certain way or those who are already fit. But yoga is an attitude and lifestyle; there is a whole realm beyond the mat.” We ...
Courage to be vulnerable, to be honest, to turn and face the thing that scares you the most and to do your best to stay there.
"It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light." - Aristotle

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Happy Mother's Day! A kind gesture or just a note to say thank you, let's take the time to appreciate the mothers in our lives today.
Ticked by this quote from The Ladybird book of Mindfulness? 
In our Reading Club series, our team shares books, articles and magazines that we're loving this month - just like this book. Read at Our Notebook at
Thank you @little0703 for sharing this picture with us! "One of my favorites! This will truly help me get into my goals not only in health & fitness but most importantly on my life goals. I just really love this idea of ...
Too often we dwell on life's imperfections. We focus on that one awful event, and conclude that life is miserable. Live lightly, without passing judgement too quickly. Accept that life is perfectly imperfect, and that's okay. Each challenge presents a ...
Sometimes stay at home if that's what makes you happy, skip that party, cross the street to avoid making aimless chitchat with random acquaintances. Read. Cook. Run. Write a story.
A little reassurance can go a long way.

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We all know a warrior. That special someone who has the quiet courage to say, "I will try again tomorrow." Featuring Warrior Reminder Band Cuff in Classic Rose Gold.
May 14th is Mother's Day, a day to appreciate all the mothers we know.
In celebration of Mother's Day, we are providing free express shipping on all Singapore orders. Use code "MOTHERSDAY" at checkout.
Gratitude for what you now have.
Friedrich Nietzsche reminds us that "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how." Purpose is unwavering. It is a sense of direction, reason, and is the most important step to achieving anything.
Look with the heart and joy can be found even on the toughest of days.

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"Starting with the right mindset is more important than starting fast or starting with all the material resources in the world." We speak to ceramic artists, Kenneth and Huiwen, the husband-wife duo behind @studioasobi about the beauty and challenges of ...
This month's free wallpaper download is a reminder from author A. A. Milne that we are more capable than we give ourselves credit for. Download from Our Notebook at
Designing a simple life doesn't mean throwing out all your things. It's about making a life that's just right for you. Designing a simple life means reducing the distractions in your life, so you can focus on what matters. It's ...
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It's true. It's going to space! We share a laugh-out-loud hilarious interview about gratitude with American comedian, Louis C.K., on Our Notebook ( Believe us - this 4 minute video is worth a watch.
In our busy lives, we constantly speed through things hoping to check off the next item on our list. We spend too much time worrying about the past and the future, that we forget to enjoy the present. Life's a ...
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Looking for podcasts to get you thinking? We share 5 of our favourite podcasts on Our Notebook. Read at
"My husband and I moved into our first home in 2015. I always envisioned having a place of my own one day, but never thought it would be with someone special. Besides being a symbol of love, home also represents ...

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