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One of our babies Molly so stoked with her badge she was given in class for excellent splits ✨
You know what we love seeing? It’s the
 progress! From watching little ones come in on their first day, each one of them - in their mind - twirling and dancing, exactly like the ballerinas. And by year’s end? They’re twirling and dancing ...
Go for it! x
Yay to FUN!

We’re always surprised how many enquires we get from parents asking if their sons can come along too? The answer is always a big resounding YES.
Of *course* they can. We want to foster a love of ...
Smiles all around. Our dedicated teachers are passionate about ensuring that your child has the most fun possible at their classes.
Yes they can, at our specially designed Mummy or Daddy [or carer] classes! This one is for 1.5 to 2.5 year old children and will have them exploring movement, music and song.

If your child is bopping around to the ...
Ribbons + Tutus = delightfully engaged students. Jump online to check out our range of classes and options. From Mummy / Daddy & Me, to Broadway Babies, ... there’s a class to suit everyone. - link in the bio.
Dance friends make the best BFFs. Those friendships that are formed during Tini Stars continue to grow as they move onto MSJ.
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Our goal is for your little one to have FUN while getting an invaluable introduction to the performing arts. Our Ballerina Stars’ classes are magical full of princesses, fairy tales and twirls. This is the ideal first dance experience for children ...
It's ok, ... you'll get it back once she's in bed.
“When will I, will I be famous?” Ok, admit it you’re humming the song now too. [Thanks Bros!] This is our littlies getting out and 
about and “shopping centre famous”. Just look at
 them go, building confidence through performance by going ...
The kids just LOVE Miss Katrina, and we LOVE that they love her.

It's just a big ol' love fest round' these parts.
Keep your eye out, we'll be announcing our holiday programs soon. Get them off the IPad's and away from the tv for some dance/movement/singing fun. [Psst, ... it's also a good chance for you to grab a coffee and/or have ...
Look at those confident little smiles. That's all we want for our kids; *confident* smiles. Our job? Is to make them feel good about themselves and give them the confidence to perform. Their job? To perform, if and when they ...
Your dancing fun doesn’t end with Tini Stars. The learning continues over at MSJ 
Productions, where they can build on that new-found love of the performing arts. We’d love to see you bring your little ones along to our MSJ productions’ concerts. ...
TiniStar Edward performing in The Best of Broadway this weekend #thebestofbroadway17
Somebody was abit excited to pick up their costume this morning after class. 😍
Isabella galloping her way into Term 3!! We are super excited to have our very own Tini Stars Showcase this year for all our little performers aged 2-6 years old! ✨
Journal time 💗
Love these @tinistars_msj bows!! Too cute!
Joyful faces! They love singing with Miss Katrina
Our teachers are so special! What a team we have!
Little ballerinas are tutu cute!
So cute! Our little Singing Stars! New class started today 🎤🎶
A very excited 3 year old with her 2nd place in the 5/u Classical solo at Star Search 😂😂😍
Little superstar!!
Love this photo, two of adorable Tinistars performing Perfect Nanny from Mary Poppins at our 2015 End Of Year Showcase. ✨
Our lovely assistant Miss Liberty as a fairy for Dress Up Week ⭐️
Dress up week has been wonderful!

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