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Lines, shapes and textures on my walk to work this morning.
Snow day with the king. .
We are so happy that the city of montreal is suspending the law on breed specific legislation. No more pit bull ban!
A new post up on the blog reflecting on October and thinking about intentions for December. .
Life’s been a little quieter with the shorter colder days and I’ve been enjoying weekends without big plans. We even headed back ...
Rainy Saturday brunch @Lawrencemtl I still miss their celery root baked eggs but the chanterelles and fried eggs on soda bread... may be a new favorite.
We’re enjoying a lazy Saturday morning at home but I’m thinking about brunch last Sunday at Sain Bol. They’re one of my favourite spots in town to grab brunch, you feel like you’re in someone’s home enjoying a nice meal. ...
Coffee stop yesterday after we picked up cabbage and green onions at the market so I can make kimchi tonight. I also picked up a bouquet of eucalyptus for the apartment. Afterwards we went desk shopping and then out to ...
There’s a new playlist on the blog that’s perfect for this cool November weekend. So get cozy with a warm drink and listen to some good tunes.
A look back at October on the blog today. Trips to the market for ingredients to work on my preserves and time spent fine tuning some new and old skills.
#tbt to pumpkin chia seed muffins. I got these off the @oprah website years ago and I still make them to this day.
Today was perfect. After a morning walk and a stop at the market, I headed over to the impeccable @blake_mackay_food home for a fermenting and pickling workshop with @prsrvtnsociety. For 5 hours, a small group of us got to know ...
The days are getting shorter but we're still in denial over here.
Couldn't help making @thefirstmess "Mushroom gravy pie with garlicky kale mashed potatoes" for tonight. Happy thanksgiving to my Canadian friends.
I've been learning calligraphy with @imaginejoy over the past few weeks. Hand lettering is a totally underrated skill. I myself had no idea the work it takes, and that it doesn't happen overnight. Finding time in my schedule to just ...
Blogged about September's moments and what I'm looking forward to in the cooler month of October. 〰Link in profile
Coffee stop this morning in one of the prettiest spots, and it just so happens to be 2 blocks from my house.
So in the end I used the fruit of my labour (apple picking) last week to make an apple peach cobbler. Quebec apples + Ontario peaches = ✨ #farmtotable
Lunch @beausallnatural Oktoberfest yesterday. Vegan sausage with pickles and sauerkraut from @purekitchenottawa 👌
Ok so I picked 13 pounds of apples this past weekend, what should I make? (If I don't eat them all too fast.) 🍎
Spent the first 17 years of my life in this town and now as adults we go back for the wine. 🍇 #routedesvinsbm
The anticipation leading up to picking up that envelope of film you had developed, not sure what you're going to end up with... #shootfilm
Every Monday morning should start like this. ✨Home from a weekend spent by the campfire, on the trails, with toes in the lake and cuddling up in the tent to keep warm.
Hiding in the woods this weekend. ✨
Thinking about a meal we had @restaurantmanitoba back when they used to do brunch. It's cold and rainy today, perfect for a cup of this foraged tea we had.
First day of September! The sun is out but I wore gloves to bike to work this morning. Won't be long now... 🍂
Thinking about summer picnics even though the days are getting shorter and the evenings are getting cooler.
Sundays are for trips to the market for all the veggies.
Finally put up my pictures from Hobbiton in New Zealand this spring! Link to blog in profile.
One last shot from this weekend because this is one of my favourites! Knowing the bride 20 (!) years makes it so much more fun to photograph her special day. I didn't have to be nervous about yelling at her ...
When the most creative girl you know gets married... 💕
Quiet day after a busy one yesterday spent celebrating an awesome couple getting hitched. 🌿

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