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Needed a little something today. Impromptu hair cut was the perfect fix. Dark eye circles need some work and still feeling the chest pain from a never ending cough but otherwise feeling good. Baby bump is hiding when I'm in ...
When your coworker texts you to say "you're on TV!" It was 7 years ago this May that we filmed this episode. Now we are working to transfer that "spare room" back to a nursery! #propertyvirgins #tvstar #7years
5 months down, 4 months to go. #22w4d #bellyshot #bumpie #babystoryapp
The Easter bunny made a stop at our house a little early this year and dropped off this large "basket". Unfortunately we will have to wait until August to fill it. But since we've already waited so long for you ...
When you're too short for the visitor photo. #shortproblems
When your lunch loves you back! ❤
I have a bunch of work to finish but "There are worse things I could do" watching Grease instead. It's thunder road time! Go Grease Lightening!
#2016bestnine sewing, anniversary with my love, family, cookies and one embarrassing photo that makes me laugh.
When your aunt and uncle that have no children take you out for dinner. I suspect that in an hour I'll regret this decision.
Annual Christmas Day game of upset. So far dad is winning. And Paul is losing. Lol
Last commute of the year and I'm sitting on a train with a broken switch watching cars look at me. 😬 Get. Me. Home. #happyholidays #doneworkforaweek
When a snapchat filter makes you look all pretty at 9pm and your "night" hair looks better than your "all day" hair had looked. Also maybe I should give red lipstick a try for special occasions?
Christmas shopping ✔️ Presents wrapped ✔️ #oneweektillchristmas 🎄🎁
Bundled up and on a train that is moving again. Glad I brought my knitting today I predict it will be a long ride home.
Yup. It's snowing. This doesn't even really portray how bad it really is. 😁 On my way home now. #shouldhavelistenedtomyboss @carienickerson
So then this happened. 😝 This weekend we typically would have hosted our annual come and go Christmas party; however we have had so much going on this year that we decided not to have a party 😕 With the ...
Sunday Morning I *should* be doing work work instead I came down to make banana bread but had no eggs. Decided let's make a list and do a quick grocery shop both the weather gets worse. While I'm at it ...
I have about 500 things I *should* be doing but at 11pm I decided to clean and organize the craft room. Working on sorting these snap parts into these tiny little jars I picked up while out today. #2weekstillchristmas #sewingcentral ...
Did you know today is #nationalcookieday🍪 ?!? Well it is and I couldn't let that pass by so chocolate m&m cookies for the win! (And maybe for dinner) #justkiddingimmakingpasta #onlycauseiwasstillhungry
The good news is the basement is empty the bad news is the dinning room looks like this 😳 #basementreno
And just like that in one week we have an empty basement. #basementreno
This is one of my fav movies. I knew I owned it but swore it had been missing. I recently as in less than two months ago found it and paid $25 bucks for it. I knew that soon as ...
@kimkmskim look what I found!
Basement Reno starts in a week which means there is a major purge/ clean happening at our house. Anyone need a portable did player? Or some awesome mix tapes?
I've been stuck inside for two days sick. I bundled up for -40 and it's only -1, better safe than sorry. Back to work I go.
As we remember those who have fought for our freedom, today I remember my Papa who left us just yesterday. He was a kind soul and will be missed by our family. May he be at peace and join those ...
100%. Lame I am. Lol reposted from @radandhappy
Woohoo Norwex Order in - most of this stuff was free!
10 years ago today I went on a first date with this guy. We had met online and I wasn't really sure about it to be honest. I'm so happy I ventured out of my comfort zone that day to ...
When you get served a sponsored ad in Instagram and do a double take because you realize "Hey I know that guy!" LOL @jessesenko

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