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Much needed haircut compliments of the one land only @mrtrevorjames. Grows so fast next week who knows what it'll look like.... πŸ‘¨πŸ»
Balloons.... but what for?
Tonight at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD I'll be guest DJing Emo night with @emonight_bk once again! It all starts shortly!
Write this caption.
Tomorrow night - I'm playing a FREE show at James Madison University in VA. TOMORROW NIGHT, You say? Indeed. At the lovely Taylor Down Under venue. I will be playing all of the songs. See you there!
Happy St. Patty's. Orlando bound. Also, This lady behind me needs to take the proverbial chill pill.
Sleep well.
Emo in Jersey.
50's rock n' roll musical was fun with this little BA last night. 😎
Wrecking ball.
Oh, hello....
Had a blast with these fellas last weekend... @emonight_bk
*in an olde timey voice* Nothing but sunshine and fairytale giggles on this here shuttle to the flying-machine... wait. Is that a.... skeleton key I see? (I'm deliriously tired)
Every flight ever.
Jersey was πŸ‘!
Boston will be...
Today's socks. It's the ZALLUMINATI, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan... πŸ•
Two hours of sleep. Too sweet. East coast bound!
Hello! Computer issues are lovely, right?
This one certainly does hurt. RIP Carrie Fisher. You're an icon. #carriefisher
Hmmm.... very interesting.... I hope everyone's holidays are happily going!
Hi! Happy Holidays my friends. Last chance to give a gift of an original song written by me via @getdownwrite - also available - my unreleased cover of "Let It Snow"! Link is in my bio - thank you all ...
Mutant & proud.
Holy holidays! My @getdownwrite profile is back and LIVE as of this moment. If you'd like to give a gift of an original song written by me for a friend, hubby, wifey, family member or just to treat yourself, here ...
Grey's Anatomy.
Now just what the hell are YOU lookin' at?
Too sweet.
- "Do you like flock of seagulls?"
- "No, but I can tell that you do."
Missing the stage already. #soon πŸ“Έ: @wheresbryce

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