B I L L Y ☠️ | @williamaugust

3 shades of grey
Park life with the kids.
I'm fine.
Waiting for @sandragbernhard ❤️
This place never gets old.
Someone's belly photo bombed me.
One moment please.....
Still my main man #willis
Lazy guy. 🦍
Just finished a session of acupuncture and had an adjustment. #ahhhh
She blows. @kariswilde
Tryin' to be discreet.
He thinks outside the box #ape
The original title for this painting was "bitch, that ship has sailed"
The lil Ape.
My kinda people. #fooodie
Lazy Labor Day.
Willis Sally & Ape.
I feel it. It's coming. #rain
He sleeps.
Looks like I'm about to have a family moving into my patio.
.....and he's home. Introducing APE.
Willis & Ape. They look related. Part 2 of the adoption process tomorrow.

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