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How do you get pumped up for the gym?! @sara_sweda
I am very excited to launch my next program!
-ONLY $45!
-Gym program
-Nutrition -Supplement guide
-Access to private Fb page
-Access to private chat room -Workout videos
-Cash prizes
And much more!!!
#workout #transformationtuesday #6weekchallenge
😂😂😂 #crossfit
It could be days, weeks or months that go by... No matter how much time passes, my brother @jamesjensen_official will know that I’m bigger and stronger. Haha 😂 It’s always good to have someone to push you to be the ...
It’s a new week, time to get after it!!
🔥Client Shoutout🔥
Had a good talk with my friend/client @brad_bundy_ today! Brad made this transformation in 90 DAYS doing my online program!! Today we went over Phase 1 of his next 90 day program and I can’t wait to see ...
Heavy back day!
Normally I use Sunday as a rest day, but woke up feeling way to good to not get a workout in! I started my new 6 WEEK PROGRAM that will be for sale very soon!!
🤩6 WEEKS to a new ...
My dude killed this challenge! There’s nothing better than helping someone else succeed! The more people I can help the more successful I become. 🔥2 things!
1- it’s your turn!
2-dm me now for info on limited time specials
Just finished this and I highly recommend it!!!
My dude. @kennythebarberokc
Never a dull moment with these guys! There’s nothing better than being surrounded by good people.
Great shoulder pump today! Love my new ore workout!
Workout, nutrition and supplement plans on sale now!
I’m really happy that I got to add to this piece today and hopefully a little more this weekend! @dudeinamerica and I have been working on this for quite a while. This is definitely my most meaningful tattoo!
Transformation season! Sometimes we don’t know what we are capable of until we find the right direction and Motivation!
Contact me today so that I can help guide you in your transformation!
Anyone that you allow in your life!
My boy @dudeinamerica is in town visiting and going to do some more work on our back piece! We’ve been at this for about 2 years. Can’t wait for the next part!
The fitness journey is never easy and that’s what makes it so rewarding. It’s so easy to fall off track. It’s great when you can help someone find that fire and be excited about getting back into the gym! Time ...
1 FREE week of personal training with select programs. DM for more info!
Starting the new year off strong. Meal, supplement, workout and business plan on point!
I’ve posted this before, but I love this quote. Be disciplined in the things you have to do now in order to achieve your goals.
New to the gym?! Then you need my FREE 30 Day Beginner Body Transformation Program. This includes Gym do’s and don’ts, nutrition, work out program and weekly check ins! Limited availability.
Transformation season! DM for info on how to start your transformation!
Start with your goal- lose weight? Get healthier? More muscle? More confidence?
Then let a professional create your Action Plan for success! I still have a few spots available!
This weekend couldn’t have been any better.
New suit. New mindset. Who dis?! Lol Life is never going to be easy, but find ppl that will challenge you and bring the best out of you. I’m lucky that @sara_sweda does that for me. Finished 2017 strong and ...
48 HOURS LEFT!!! This amazing special is coming to an end but still some time to take advantage. This is an opportunity to reach goals you’ve always talked about. New year, New you!
In life it’s easy to make a lot of “friends,” but rare to find ones that you can call brother! Proud of this crazy dude and can’t wait to get back out to visit! @mike.shanti
This was a 6 wk transformation, but what you can’t see is how much my life transformed in that 6 wks. I got out of a terrible relationship, fought depression, had a business that I let fail, had been drinking ...
AMAZING transformation by one of my former clients and a very close friend of mine @brina1126 (she’s also an amazing trainer!). People are really taking advantage of my Holiday Specials! I’ll be starting 2018 with a very full schedule! Limited ...

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