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💥6 Week Challenge💥

We will be coaching you in a total body transformation. The contest is a 6 week challenge and includes private coaching through email, a meal plan, workout programs, discounted supplements, tips on how to be fit when ...
Another AMAZING transformation! Someone that's a really great friend of mine @frankacosta__ . We helped him through a plateau, adding some muscle and losing another 20lbs to help him reach a total of 100lb weight loss goal! This guy is ...
This will always be one of my favorite transformations to be a part of! Be safe in Denver next weekend brother! @jr_hamm20
It's a new week and time for a NEW Ripped Rebellion Personal Training Special!! For new online clients you'll receive 50% off on part 3 of my 90 day program and for my clients that want one on one or ...
#legday tore me up today! Must've been the squat and leg press superset at the end!
One of my favorite exercises for hitting chest, banded Hammer Strength incline press. This will destroy your chest! The most common mistake that people make when working chest is bringing their shoulders forward. Remember to keep your chest out and ...
Enjoyed some kayaking with clients/friends today! A great workout and beautiful weather!
I love leg day!! Added some bands to the leg press to increase the resistance. Time to get ready for summer!!!
Shoutout to my client Devin! Down 42lbs!!! We still have a ways to go, but I'm so proud of his hard work already! I now only have 2 spots left for my summer training special!!! #personaltrainer #oklahoma
Not bad for a tall skinny kid. Lol I love my team work outs! There's nothing more motivating than being surrounded by people that have the same goal as you! We're focused on getting better every day!
Today's client shoutout is to Anthony. Making HUGE changes in a very short time! Him and his wife started with my
4 wk husband and wife- get fit together program.
Email for more info: [email protected]
😳. I love crazy. #imstupid
I can't wait until the new line of clothes drop from @exploitpotential. #england #exploitpotential
Saturday workout with some of the team! There's nothing better than being surrounded with a positive group of people that want to see you succeed! No drama, no bs, just family and the journey to reaching our goals. For info ...
Summers coming! Try my 90 day weight loss journey to get ready for summer! Results guaranteed if you follow the plan or your money back! Email: [email protected]
😬Keeps things interesting. #tagbae #love #run #🏃🏼#🔪 #⚰️ If you're going to run from something, run from crazy people and not this CRAZY weight loss special!
Currently running an online 30 day weight loss special! Email me for more info! ...
Late night Oreo pump! Lol
25 weeks out from the @npcoklahoma Heartland classic!! My team is going to do some damage! I still have a few available spots for people that are looking to compete and make a life changing transformation!
DM or email [email protected] ...
Diet starts tomorrow! 😉#teamdadbod
My boy @jeffrey_dopp looking freshhhhh in his new suit!!!
Cheat meal tonight!!!! #idgaf #pizza
This will be me at Walmart later today. #nottodaysatan
I admit that #easter got the best of me and my diet, but today is a new day! Back to the grind!
It was really an honor to be able to speak in front of this wrestling school and talk about my experience in the #wwe. There's nothing better than trying to help motivate others to chase their dreams! @exploitpotential @mike.shanti
Had amazing day today! Definitely counting my blessings.
Seeing IG posts got me like..... lol
What's everyone training today? For Me it was #armday and I rocked my @exploitpotential metal T and my @tornadobladeworld hat!
Throwback pic from a few years ago. Getting a workout in before #wrestlemania w/ @jonathan_coyle and @wweaallday21. Surround yourself with people that motivate you ! #wwe
Did some rack pulls at the end of our workout today and they were brutal!!! Worked up to 5 plated for 4 reps.

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