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17x4.5 Full throttle fronts with 15x10 Vitesse rears.
Beadlocks by: @aaron_macfab_beadlocks
Great shot from @405_photo of @storm_trooperr rocking a black chrome wheel package!
17" S76 with a Single Beadlock! @holtperformance
Another look at the new F-14 Forgestar truck wheels.
The whole set weighs in at only 65lbs! 😮
#1320wheels @forgestar
Tony Pawlish rocking the first
6-lug F-14 drag pack.
@forgestar #1320wheels
Forgestar 6-Lug Silverado F14's in stock ready to rock!
17x7 , 17x10 also available.
Sam Heath has one bad ride!
@str8up_performance rocking a 5x5 polished drag pack.
@kam_kiger got the C6 looking mean!
Martin Villarreal is running a 17/15 S77 Single Beadlock wheel package.
@silveraydo_06 keeping it clean!
Marco Ruvio -5 lug conversion
Weld RTS S71B
The perfect combination.
15x10 RT-Vitesse
1320 Matching Billet Lugs
Fast Eddie Pro Beadlock by @aaron_macfab_beadlocks #1320wheels
Billet lug nuts ready to ship!
Dealer discounts also available.
Brad Dejarnett's Mustang is looking good on the RTS S71B wheel package.
@q_gm 💦
This setup came out great!
Front and Rear Alumastar package.
6-lug S77's
Silverado and Trailblazer fitments available!
@micah_chastang running a Darkstar package.
Humbertino Cortes is running a 15/17 Weld S77 6lug drag pack.
No caption needed! @xclewx
Chris Girard's TBSS running a 6-lug RC Component package with our 15" brake conversion.
Here's a closer look at our new Billet Lugs.
Available in:
12mm, 14mm, 1/2", 5/8"
@coyote_swap_saleen running a RTS S71B with some Alumastar rears.
A set of our billet lugs headed to North Carolina!
17" Single Beadlocked S71B
#1320wheels #weldracing
Dodge Dakota 5-lug conversion hub from start to finish.

Once we remove the factory studs we machine plugs on our lathe to fill in the original lug holes.

Next we Tig weld the plugs (Front and back side)

After welding ...
Randall Quick's twin turbo Silverado!
So clean!
93 Series Chrome 6-lug dragpack.
@gbrown1320 running a chrome 93 Series dragpack!
@daltonwinfield doing work!
He's running a 15x10 RT Vitesse beadlocked by @aaron_macfab_beadlocks
With a 17x4.5 V-Series front runner.
#1320wheels #macfab

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