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Another shot of the RSF-1 @racestarwheels 17x4.5 One Piece Forged Wheels.
First look at the new @racestarwheels RSF-1 One Piece Forged Wheels
17x4.5 / 15x10
Lightweight at just over 16lbs each!
Perfection! 17" Single beadlocked RTS with Alumastar front runners.
So clean! @louie_welds #1320wheels
Weld S77 Wheel package with a Single beadlocks out back.
@fatboy_lsx running a 93-Series black chrome wheel package.
Looking to run a Pro Series front or rear wheel on your late model Corvette, Mustang or Camaro?
We have you covered with our custom machined hubcentric spacers.
@3v_stracecar running a @weldwheels RTS S71B wheel package on his Mustang.
#1320wheels @modmotormustangs
John Giesbrecht is running a 15x10 / 17x7 5x5 bolt pattern wheel package on his truck.

Tires: 315 pro drag radial in the back with a 235/65/17 front.
Abdul Nassir is running a 18x8 / 15x10 Matte Black @forgestar F-14 wheel package on his GTO.
Adam Ritter's Silverado running a 93-Series black chrome wheel package.
Another shot of @kam_kiger
17x11 beadlocked RTS with 17x4.5 Alumastar 2.0 front runners.
@kam_kiger picked out the perfect wheel package for his C6

17x4.5 Alumastar 2.0 with our custom billet spacers
17x11 RTS S71B Single Beadlocked rear

Show and go! Another look at Jonathan Browns Colorado on the all new F-14 6-lug drag pack.
Brandi Sharp's clean RX7. Go check this thing out and give her a follow! @thekitchenrx7
@ac_photography714 rocking a 92-Series black chrome wheel package.
@haltechmichael running a gray metallic 92-Series wheel package.
Placosa, that's the name of this sweet Colorado owned by Jonathan Brown.
He's running a 17x7 / 15x10 Forgestar F14 wheel package.

These wheels are designed to clear the Colorado / Canyons large hub.
Larry Delmore is running a 17x7 / 17x10 Forgestar F14 wheel package with a Gunmetal Finish.
@socal_trucks rocking the new lightweight 6-lug Forgestar F-14's
#1320wheels #socaltrucks
Brain Gammey running a 17/15 Weld S77 wheel package.
@storm_trooperr running the 15" rear 93-Series black chrome wheels.
One of our customers headed to the Redemption No Prep race this weekend. Good luck @chrissvo
17x4.5 Full throttle fronts with 15x10 Vitesse rears.
Beadlocks by: @aaron_macfab_beadlocks
Great shot from @405_photo of @storm_trooperr rocking a black chrome wheel package!
17" S76 with a Single Beadlock! @holtperformance
Another look at the new F-14 Forgestar truck wheels.
The whole set weighs in at only 65lbs! ­čś«
#1320wheels @forgestar
Tony Pawlish rocking the first
6-lug F-14 drag pack.
@forgestar #1320wheels
Forgestar 6-Lug Silverado F14's in stock ready to rock!
17x7 , 17x10 also available.
Sam Heath has one bad ride!
@str8up_performance rocking a 5x5 polished drag pack.

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